Lawsuit: Mario Blanch says he was fired from West New York for not participating in witness tampering scheme. Blanch alleges that Mayor Roque was working on “peace” negotiations with North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco, which fell through since Blanch remained critical of Sacco’s administration. Blanch was fired for ruining the alleged negotiations.


  1. Can everyone stop filing these stupid frivolous lawsuits and draining the taxpayers. How about people rolling up their sleeves and getting some work done. Doesn’t this guy have any clients to take care of???
    This guy can’t pay his taxes but he can throw stones at Mayor’s Sacco & Roque. Didn’t he learn anything in law school except tax evasion!

    • Why shud anyone listen to someone who doesn’t even have the cojones to use his real name…
      At least U can’t sue me for defamation, because U don’t exist!

      • Mario Bla Bla Blanch is a loser with a capital L. He cannot make up his mind what side he wants to be on. I guess we now all know what side he wants to be on the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ side.

    • Get real, Blanch has no morals. The guy failed to pay his taxes, got in bed with a piece of crap like Roque, and is pals with Stack.

  2. For all the Mario defends, why did he get in bed with Rogue in the first Place? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  3. I have been a client of Mario’s and if you know him personally you know he’s not about the $$$. My group filed an opra with west new York and we learned Mario was earning peanuts. If any of you bothered to read the complaint it says Mario was a friend to Roque and Roque was a client. Knowing Mario he was probably trying to correct the turmoil the moron Roque has causes. Read allegations 18-24. By the way all you guys call him names on this but the man is a smart attorney with cojones.

  4. I thought Mr.Blanch was fired because he went to a commission meeting(N.B.)during work hours. Which would be very ignorant of him because HCTV video taped it and you have to sign in in North Bergen to speak and he spoke that day. I believe the Honorable Mayor /Senator Saccos’evaluation of him is very accurate.
    I’m sure somebody will dispute thisthough

  5. If the allegations in this complaint are true, this matter should have been reported to federal law enforcement authorities. This sure sounds to me like Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and Conspiracy to Tamper with Witnesses.
    It never stops.
    It’s a full time job trying to keep up with the shenanigans of these buffoons.

  6. Sacco, Herb Klitzner and J. Muniz tell Emilio Del Valle and Julio Morejone what to say on the witness stand to help Roque so they can obtain more municipal contracts? Naaa…That is impossible in North Bergen. All of them will be cellmates soon.

  7. Honorable Sacco. Whats honorable about Sacco? Why does no one bring up that NB wastes all that tax payer $ having 8 freakin lawfirms on the town payroll. It probably costs more than OJ’s defense team.

  8. The rumor mill in North Bergen says that Nicky Sacks has been working as an informer for the FBI.

    iiiinnnfooormeeeerr – you know saccos been a droppin names … a licky boom boom down …

    The rumor mill in North Bergen is usually fairly accurate. Its a darn shame we wont be seeing him in jail