Dear Residents,

Once again, my opponent Caridad Rodriguez in Freeholder District #7, showed her true colors which is obviously “Not of the People.” Her motives are totally aligned with that of WNY Mayor Felix Roque. It became apparent back in 2011 while serving as Commissioner in WNY that her allegiance was in sync with Mayor Roque and became more obvious as time went on. When you look at her voting record, she NEVER spoke or voted against Roque. Whether it was the controversial Sign Ordinance, or the 2013 School Board Referendum, she remained silent NEVER once voicing her support of the people and always in support of Roque’s wishes.

This type of action, an action that is more aligned with what we know as being that of a Robot to do what the creator wants is exactly what all the WNY Commissioners except Commissioner Wiley have been doing for years. The people of WNY expressed their frustration at the February 21, 2014 WNY Commission Meeting which several members of the media and especially Roque attempted to blame on the people as being disruptive, when in reality it was the Commission members all but Commissioner Wiley that refused the public to speak on a very important issue – that of the upcoming BOE election. My opponent Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez supported the Mayor and totally disregarded the already taken vote of the BOE which voted in favor of an April Election and a date the voters wanted as well. A vote Roque and Rodriguez couldn’t live with because it gave power to the people. What kind of elected representation is that? How dare she totally disregard the people that elected her to office? Not only did she disregard her constituency, she bowed her head to the political machine, kissed the leaders ring, and addressed the public in an arrogant and condescending tone. If that wasn’t enough insult to the people, she added to it by walking out of the meeting behind Roque offering further proof as to how connected to the hip she really is to the Roque Administration and that of the Political Machine that cares only about their own well-being!

I was elected Freeholder of District #7 in 2007. A position for which I am proud of and for which I have the true Hudson County Democrats of the District to thank. On honor I have never taken lightly and one in which I have always fought on behalf of the people’s best interests. I have fought to bring sorely needed County Services to those we represent. I have worked tirelessly on County Budgets in an effort to keep our tax rate stable in light of what Trenton has proposed. It’s not a surprise that I have openly advocated that every resident should have their voice heard and their concerns addressed. So many politicians and we all know who they are, forget that as elected officials they are there FOR THE PEOPLE. One such individual is my opponent who supports not the will of the people, but the will of the Political Machine.

I am but one small part of the solution. You the voter carries the weight. You and only you will decide whether you wish this corruption to continue. Only you have it in your power to put an end to the FBI Investigations that overshadow WNY and Hudson County. Only you can bring the Democratic Party back to a Party of Pride and Integrity, a Party that when spoken about by people in the State is one to be envied and duplicated as a Party Of The People and By the People!

As this year’s Freeholder Chairman, I look forward to working with my fellow Freeholders to create a Crusade of efficiency, be it as a cost saving budget within the County by eliminating wasteful spending and service redundancy, or by providing the continued services our residents rely upon and if possible, making these services better than in prior years. I look forward to continuing a truly representative affiliation with the taxpayers of West New York, Guttenberg, and Weehawken of the 7th Freeholder District. The Hudson County Political Machine has given me this opportunity by their non-support and for this I am truly grateful. The days, weeks, and months of anxiety I assumed caused by my knowing what they are doing is NOT representative of the people was too much. At the end of the day, their correct assessment of me as to not being their puppet is correct. My choice to do what IS CORRECT for those I serve is to me what being an elected representative is all about. I believe what I have already done and what my proven track record reveals speaks for itself. You will make the final and most important determination on June 3, 2014. I am accessible to all and will continue the fight regardless of what the Political Machine promises me or throws against me. May God Bless each and every one of us and may we have the strength to make the difficult decisions and endure the struggle to which we know is right to the bitter end. Thank you all.

Jose C. Munoz

Hudson County Freeholder Chairman 7th District



  1. If enough good people can be made aware of the over-arching issues of this campaign, Then the enlightened ones will vote for Freeholder Munoz, rather than a Town Commissioner who does how to read The Local Government Ethics Law or even our own Town Code Chapter 36 Code of Ethics..

  2. am i reading that correctly he said “she bowed her head to the political machine, kissed the leaders ring?” that is so funny please refer to the video below and see that munoz only speaks against the HCDO when they are not with him…pretty hypocritical right??

    • I wstched the video of Freeholder Munoz gathering signatures for Senator Menendez. This video is HCDO neutral . No where does Munoz mention, criticize, or praise the HCDO.

  3. To Munoz,

    How do we know that you are not the same as Roque?
    Is it true that several members of your family got jobs because of your position?
    We would appreciate an answer.

  4. Jose – You have obviously struck a nerve. Several of them it seems. Keep doing what you are doing. Your adversaries cannot keep up this charade much longer. Their track records speak for themselves. And one by one, they are going down. Even it if doesnt appear that way yet. The newcomers to the game, and there are many, have no idea what is happening right before their very eyes. They can research the past all they want on the internet but unless they have lived it, they are no match for what is to come….. shortly. The players that are not visible are the ones they should be wary of. But inexperience prevents them from knowing how to identify them. Instead they heckle everyone and profess to know it all. Time certainly will tell.

    Until then, let them shoot their load on what they think they know. I can only hope I get to see each of their faces when the it all comes out. LMFAO

  5. Excellent essay Jose on why Caridad is NOT! the people’s choice…
    But the HCDO’s (ie the Machine!)
    One Must Go Along…to get Along!
    Something! Harumph!!! U R clearly Not Capable of…
    Which is why non-pseudonyms on this blog agree!
    U R the Man of the people!
    & have our 100% support!!!

    • freeholder is that your campaign slogan? that might be the only shot you have because one on one you can’t beat caridad… the people did not put you as freeholder, you were appointed there by the HCDO and after that nobody challenged you…this is your first real election good luck!

  6. Munoz,
    I am still waiting for an answer. Did your family get jobs through you or not?
    If you truly are against corruption, like you claim, and for fairness, you will answer my question. And if it the answer is “no” I will definitely be inclined to vote for you.

    • Come on Mr. Mayor do tell! If you had anything on Munoz you would had used it already……this form of questioning is design to create doubt. The good thing about WNY politics is people find thing really fast!!!

  7. Jose Munoz you are a total looser, —–Pili do you think this politicians care about us????? they only care about themselves……Munoz can you collect unemployment once you are voted Out of the freeholder seat>???

    • Ernesto,

      I totally agree! And I suspect Munoz is no better than Roque, or he would be answering my question with a “no.”

  8. Munoz is not a true Cuban. This man is a selfish arrogant liar. Your political clock is ticking and your time in office is about to run out. Thank God Sacco has a strong backbone and didn’t support you.

  9. Munoz never been caught in a lie! Mayor Roque and his evil twin Dr. Acosta how many lies? We lost count…

  10. Dr. Roque is not a true Cuban. This man is a selfish arrogant liar. Your political clock is ticking and your time in office is about to run out. Thank God Sacco has a weak backbone and support you. (EDV I think this one is more credible…)

  11. I heard this guy had a fight with Mayor Stack over that 75,000 bill he owes on the donuts
    because instead of giving them away he ate them!!!