Letter to the Editor by Freeholder Jose Munoz

December 30, 2013

Dear Editor,

If you haven’t seen the December WNY Commission meeting. You should! Request and read the minutes! Gil Garcia the Town Attorney hired by Mayor Roque at a salary of $150,000 , who has billed the city of West New York this year close to 400k dollars showed us exactly what Mayor Roque meant when he said, “I hire whoever I feel like hiring and I want to hire people who will serve the town well.” Mr. Garcia admitted to having no municipal experience and further admitted to two ethical violations which he believes were never disclosed to the Commission and maintained this to be his personal business all before he was on his way to walk out of the meeting.

Yes, Roque hires who he wants and it doesn’t matter if these people have records/violations or whether they have had any municipal work experience or not. Perhaps this is just “On the job training at taxpayer expense.” One thing for certain, Roque’s consistent. He has now hired for the town of WNY the two defense attorney’s retained during his recent trial at an undisclosed salary. Three attorney’s for WNY? Three attorney’s paid by the taxpayer? This doesn’t even speak about the unqualified people the Mayor has hired during his short term in office. Yes Mayor Roque, you do indeed hire whoever you feel like hiring, unfortunately, whether they are needed or not, qualified or not, all at taxpayer expense.

Jose Munoz
Freeholder 7th District

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