Letter to the Editor by Freeholder Jose Munoz Re: Response to recent interview by Hudson County Democratic Organization Chairman Vincent Prieto on Hudson County TV

I recently saw and heard the interview Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) Chairman Vincent Prieto gave to Hudson County TV (Hudsoncountytv.com) and frankly, his comments as to why I was not entrusted with the Democratic line contributes to what has been plaguing the HCDO for so many years and supports what I have been saying.

What ever happened to the kind of “Leadership” where one LISTENS TO THE PEOPLE? Think about this for a moment; The Chairman of the HCDO listening too and supporting Mayor Roque of WNY whom we all know has done everything possible to destroy the integrity of the words Democrat, Politics, Integrity, and “FOR THE PEOPLE!” Furthermore, this same Mayor Roque has presented a candidate to represent the residents of District 7 that agrees and supports with the Mayor’s every action and decision – just look at her voting record and if that’s not enough, watch her actions as she totally disregards the very people she professes to represent. You may see her uncomplimentary actions taken at the February Town Commission Meeting on Hudson County TV or on www.wakeupwestnewyork.com. The people of District 7 and Hudson County deserve better, much better.

I have nothing personal against Chairman Prieto. I do however believe his decision to foster support for anyone associated with WNY Mayor Felix Roque and his supporters is absolutely wrong politically and ethically. The people deserve quality representation not the kind that Roque and his puppet group have given to the residents of WNY by appointing inexperienced family members to important town boards, giving high paying political patronage jobs to unqualified friends within his group, wasting taxpayer money on unwarranted hires and the list goes on all the way to the State Investigating the BOE and listing their findings which involve Mayor Roque once again.

If my attempt to bring pride back Political Integrity back to our Party and by doing what is right for the residents is not what the Political Machine wants, I will not apologize. As I said before and I will say this throughout the upcoming election, “You the voter will decide as to whether you want the Democratic Party to rid itself of people like Roque who are an embarrassment to the Party and to the people OR whether you want your representative to stand up for you and fight for what is right at whatever the cost” This decision will be yours and only yours to make.

Link to interview at HudsonCountyTV.com (http://hudsoncountytv.com/hcdo-chairman-vincent-prieto-explains-jose-munoz-establishment-pick/)


  1. Freeholder Munoz,
    Is there any possible Conflict of Interest with the fact that Roque hired at least one of Assembly Speaker/HCDO Chairmen Prieto’s children for a town joband now has received an indorsement from Prieto for his choice of Commissioner Rodriguez to run against you?

    • Pat, come on this is such standard operating procedures…the “jobs program” of friends giving jobs to the relatives of colleagues that it hardly merits a mention…As long as the nepotism remains obscure! Blabbermouth!!!
      Hey Caridad why don’t U weigh in?
      No can do! I M just here to Vote w/my friends…Don’t need no trouble by opening my mouth…my silver slipper mite get stuck in it!!!

  2. Otto, Instead of hiding behind an obscure name and hurling insults and running back to the shadows, have respect for yourself and others.

  3. Again…. when all else fails, the FOLLOWERS resort to name calling. It is unfortunate that when they open their mouths, it is not factual information they speak of, concerning the issues that affect us all…..only bull$hit flows their lips.

    You just keep talking. And WE, THE PEOPLE, will continue UNCOVERING the truth which will help us RECOVER from the mess. All the while exposing the secrets, schemes and corrupt deals……one dirty politician at a time.

    And dont you worry about who is bankrolling anybody…. You guys can keep your dirty money and your SUPER PACs. We want no part of it.

  4. Mark,
    Otto refered to me in the third person in hurling an invective directed at me. He has neither the decency, or courage to face the object of his disaffection out of the shadows of “Otto.”

  5. Patrick – dont even bother replying to the sour grapes… they only make bitter wine. Instead, keep your focus and continue exposing the truth.

  6. I love messing with you guys! You’re all so uptight! I really could care less about what goes on in WNY! No offense please! Apologies are in order!