Dear Editor,

My detractors are continuing to make every effort to discredit me by claiming that I have and continue to wear a wire for the FBI. It is time that I respond to what they already know as the truth. I have never worn a wire until the time it was asked of me in the matter involving the hacking of my computer which let us not forget, had in it all the innocent and well-meaning residents names/email addresses of individuals that posted information about Mayor Roque and the on goings in West New York. These same detractors contend that I wore a wire prior to the computer hacking. I did not and they already know this. Because if it were true, this information would have been released to Roque’s attorneys during the trial under the rules of Discovery. To make it completely clear, I did not wear a wire before the case involving the hacking of my computer nor afterwards.

These same detractors are now insulting the intelligence of my colleagues on the Freeholder Board by sending them images of me with a rat. Ironically, because my colleagues on the Board who are representatives of the people, believe in their Oath of Office and abide in the belief of proper law enforcement. The antics of these detractors just reinforces the obvious; that those doing these deed are the ones most likely not to care about another’s well-being. Now, just imagine if these individuals were elected officials? Or appointees of elected officials? If they are, then we have people who pretend to represent us, but in reality promote the complete disrespect of laws governing and protecting each of us within a civilized society. My colleagues, and many elected officials in Hudson County had been very supportive of me and my family during this difficult time. I am humbled and very grateful for their support as I am for yours. To my detractors that hide behind the black curtain, you should learn to sign your name to letters you write. I will never be bullied into submission or silence and I will continue to put people first by addressing and respecting their needs. There is no place for tyranny in this country especially in Hudson County.

Jose C. Munoz
Freeholder 7th District


  1. yeah right, he admitted he was wired for the FBI. I got nothing to hide but I don’t need to be watching every word I say if I am around him. Why should we trust him?

  2. Well said Jose!! I hope they are investigating the matter concerning that negative literature you and or your colleagues on the freeholder board are being sent. I am sorry that you are being harrassed but Stay Focused on doing a great job representing us! Keep the faith!

  3. “images of me with a rat…”??? If it was Felix, that wud be a cat! & I, too,stand estómago a estómago a vous! Mr Munoz. Let’s put an end to the HCDO “collegium” in Hudson County!