The North Bergen Concerned Citizens Group (NBCCG), a civic organization comprised of more than 500 community activists and volunteers, today endorsed Governor Chris Christie for re-election.

“Governor Christie is a symbol of anti-corruption and a tireless advocate for honest, open government. Our organization shares those ideals with the Governor and shares his commitment to ending government corruption, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds in North Bergen and throughout New Jersey,” says Larry Wainstein, NBCCG president and successful local businessman.

In making the endorsement, Mr. Wainstein also noted that “Governor Christie has appointed many qualified Hispanics to key leadership positions in his Administration” and added that the Governor has also increased state aid to Hudson County well beyond what previous governors have done.

Governor Christie showed unwavering compassion during Hurricane Sandy, while working tirelessly to get aid New Jersey needed to recover.

In Governor Christie, we have a straight talking elected official who tells it like it is. Governor Christie has said, “bad enough that Nick Sacco is making 300 grand himself, it is just outrages, the unchecked power and abuse of the citizens that the Sacco administration engages in.”

“Our members are proud to support the Governor, and eager to let the voters of North Bergen know we have a true friend and supporter in Governor Christie,” added Mr. Wainstein. NBCCG provides a wide array of free services to the community, from education to cultural enrichment to assistance with food, shelter and clothing.


  1. Larry Whinestein is a clown. He does not even live in North Bergen. He supports fatso because Stack told him to. Wake up people it is all a game Sacco,Stack, Whinestein are all cut from the same cloth. If we want to get rid of the current crooks Whinestein is not the answer.

  2. Sacco’s no good and must go. Sacco is lining his pockets with money and enriching himself. He has lost touch with the people of North Bergen. Sacco has been in power for 28 years and it’s enough. Its time for a change !!!!!

  3. I guess Frank Garguilo will switch sides an now join Mario Blanch….
    What happens when the feds come knocking on Frank’s door
    cause election is almost over……..

  4. Larry is do desperate he will get anyone who listens. He is such a liah it not funny. The paper him n joe macco sent out is just full of lies. I like Larry until he started his shit. It was a freak show watching them march. To think they want to run this town.