Letter to the Editor : Politicians Can We Trust any of Them?

As private investigators we often have to deal with people, who lie, deceive, and change their positions to fit their agenda. Using skilled investigative techniques we are often able to distinguish fact from fiction and deduce the truth. Here in New Jersey we the people must deal with politicians who possess the same characteristics referenced above, however the average citizen often has difficulty in determining the truth in what a politician says and does. Recently, I came across the following quote attributed to Mayor/Senator Brian Stack:
“Recently, it came to my attention that the North Bergen Concerned Citizens’ Group released a publication that included my picture. I wish to make clear that I did not consent to my picture being used in that publication and that I do not support the activities of NBCCG and its membership. Senator Sacco and I are enjoying a productive working relationship that is aimed at making North Hudson an even stronger community.”

Those of us who follow Hudson County Politics know full well that North Bergen Mayor/Senator Sacco and Stack were involved in a full blown civil war. It was alleged that both sides used “concerned citizen groups” to carry out their agendas against the other side. Both sides personally attacked each other and made numerous claims against the other. Now Brian Stack and Nick Sacco would like everyone to believe that they are friends working together to help the people of their districts. What do you think? Is Brian Stack really friends with Mayor Sacco? Or is this just a marriage of convenience? What about Brian Stack now publicly stating that he disapproves on the NBCCG’s activity? What about the fact that the Union City? Concerned Citizens Group i.e. Eric Dixon and Emilio De Valle have been MIA since the Sacco/Stack peace treaty?

Joseph Blaettler
East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey



  1. PLEASE let me put my boots on & stand away from the fan before the B-S hits us all in the face or comes up over our boots……

  2. This is the same as the last time. There was a truce. Rumor mill had Sacco hanging up his spurs after the election. The smart man would walk away from the black jack table up. Its only a matter of time before the “cold war” gets hot again. Stack is young, backed the right horse and has a brighter future in politics. Sacco appointed Hugo Cabrera to fill his shoes. When Hugo takes the seat its no longer a dual office holder, stack becomes the bigger dog and the rivalry ceases to matter.

    If Sacco sticks around too long things could get hot again. And NB has had a LOT of negative revelations of late. Sacco has his “squeaky clean” reputation to uphold and if he stays mayor five years longer he risks it.

    Stack is far from done rising in importance. Its only a matter of time logically he wins this silly little war.

  3. Is this all Joe blowhard Blaettler has to write this X freeloader needs to get a life he as been on the tit in Union City for to many years even the police here knows he was an ASS KISSER I always told Stack his is a snake in the grass..