Recently, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced his intention to sue the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey for “undue economic harm” caused to the residents of Jersey City; i.e. the Port of Authority’s failure to pay their fair share of taxes to Jersey City. In response to the lawsuit Republican State Senator Michael Doherty labeled Mayor Fulop’s actions as “hypocrisy”. I suggest if Senator Doherty wants to see real hypocrisy, he take a look in the mirror.

Since the inception of the Port Authority, residents of the tri-state area have been financially abused by agency, as evidenced by the current $15.00 cost of tolls. The agency is nothing more than a bureaucratic patronage mill and ATM machine for politically connected people. Just this year alone, the Port Authority, under the recommendation of Governor Christie, awarded Union City a 2.9 million dollar grant. The grant was awarded just as the PA was increasing the cost of tolls. Currently there are ongoing allegations that Christie allies in the PA closed the George Washington Bridge as political retribution against the mayor of Fort Lee for his failure to endorse the governor.

Where is Senator Doherty’s outrage on these matters? Rather than making partisan attacks against Mayor Fulop, Doherty should be being praising the mayor for having the courage to take on a political beast. Maybe Doherty lacks the courage to attack a bureaucratic organization because he does not want to offend his boss, the governor.

Joe Blaettler
EAST Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey


  1. The more distant rich! suburban communities gain most of the Benefit of The PA.
    The poor! inner city urban communities bear most of the inconvenience & burden!
    Hurray for Steve!!!

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