Dear Editor,

Recently, Union City Mayor and State Senator Brian Stack proclaimed his undying love and support for Governor Chris Christie. Stack continues to defend Christie despite the fact that evidence connecting Christie’s staff to political retaliation continues to be reported (and proven). Whether Christie personally gave the order in regard to the GWB lane closings or not is unimportant. What is important is that Christie created an environment where this type of behavior is permissible. It does not surprise me that Stack would condone political retaliation; after all in 2006 he was found liable by a Hudson County Jury of political harassment against former Union City Detective Raymond Lopez– a jury awarded Mr. Lopez over $500,000. In 2007 Union City Police Chief Charles Everett filed a federal lawsuit against Stack alleging that Stack used the police department to retaliate against his political enemies.

It is no secret that Union City has received hundreds of millions of dollars in state aid since Christie has been governor. While Union City receives all this support and aid from Christie, both Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop and Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer reported that they believe they were retaliated against by the Christie administration for their refusal to do what the Governor’s staff had asked them. Mayor Zimmer just recently came out and stated she believes the governor’s office withheld Sandy aid to her town for political reasons. Brian Stack is also the State Senator who represents Hoboken and a large part of Jersey City. It is time for the people of Hoboken and Jersey City to ask: “Where is our senate representation?” Why is Brian Stack continually defending Christie? Why does he not question the unfair treatment of the people of Jersey City and Hoboken (his constituents) by the Christie administration? Maybe since Union City is getting so much money and love from the governor, Senate Stack does not need to care about his constituents in Hoboken and Jersey City.

I would like to applaud Mayor Fulop and Mayor Zimmer for having the courage to stand up to bullies like Christie and speak the truth. While the unethical and possible criminal actions of the Christie administration continues to cause harm to the people of Jersey City and Hoboken, know full well that Mayor/Senator Brian Stack couldn’t care less; he continues to get his (disproportionately large) share of money from the Christie Administration.

Joe Blaettler
Morristown, NJ
Joseph Blaettler
East Coast Private Investigations of New Jersey


  1. Let’s not forget the $5,000.000. loan Christie gave Stack to balance his 2013 failed budget with NO TERM. I have never in my life heard of this. But these are the benefits of a bought Endorsement. Very Proud of Mayor Fulop & Mayor Zimmer. We never hear from Mayor Turner who is also in t Stacks district.