As Union City homeowners we live under tremendous pressure each time a letter arrives from the Mayor of our City, mostly explaining why our taxes are going up. During the month of August no less than three letters were received. A special note to taxpayers, followed by an explanation of our tax bill, and then there was one as an update regarding the tax bill.

Yes, we are aware that our mayor is a 24/7 Mayor, one that lobbies hard to bring State and Federal dollars to our city. Yes, we have wonderful schools and streets are repaved and /or repaired. I know my street is overdue for repaving and is somewhere on a list, I was told. But, along with all of these accomplishments we have lost many of the most important and valuable of our assets, the small homeowners. And many homeowners are complaining on tax abatements for large new buildings and their own fear that they too can be subjected to the loss of their houses due to their inability to pay their property taxes. The small homeowner is being pushed out of our city. Many are moving and renting their property out, sometimes to large families as a way to sustain expenses. This city is becoming a place where owning a home is next to impossible, a thing of the past.

I write to you in the hopes that this letter is published for your readers and our Mayor. Publicity brings attention to the issues and this one needs to be heard and discussed, for it is also the issues that plague other small cities in America.There must be a way to save our towns, to make home ownership affordable once again. To keep the fabric of the community alive, for it is the pride of the homeowner that works hard and participates to make it work.

As for you Mr. Mayor the time has arrived to pay attention to your homeowners, the ones that are carrying the city load via their property taxes, the city cash dollars. They need better access to City Hall and your support. When you say that our taxes had to be raised by only 2.3%, we collectively wish to say: Really, ONLY 2.3%?

For seniors and/or a family on a fixed income that is a lot, totally unacceptable and I hope that you will do all that you can to protect the homeowners of Union City, after all this is also your City.


Mirta Cairo

Union City


  1. Mirta you are right, most people have had to leave their homes, sell and get out of Dodge because of the ridiculous property taxes. It is heart breaking to see Union City these days.

  2. I agree with your concerns, the same thing happens in West New York.There is one solution, no more highrises or so called ” development”.when you construct a building why do they call it development? To make us feel like its more progressive for the community. We are the most densely populated community in the world (or the top 3)this includes places like India.we arepacked county )per square inch then places that have billions of people. We do not need more people, we need better representation people who listen to us. If this waterfront development was so beneficial why has it never minimized our tax base?.

  3. Mrs. Mirta Cairo as your correct about the letters, what is incorrect is the % our taxes increased 4.25%. Where have you been? What is very sad is that when you had the opportunity to address these issue you joined Mayor Stacks campaign cause you were looking for a job for you son. Sadly now that you realize that the Mayor Stack would not take care of your wants! I clearly remember the days that you worked at St, Mary’s Hospital and Mayor Stack was the next best thing since the first coming. Those days Mayor Stack can do no wrong.

    Now you find faults in Mayor Stack. Maybe if you were a bit more involved with your community not only political social events you would have known this was coming. Where were you when the Union City Concerned Citizens Group were questioning the budget and millions of dollars that were being spent. The passing of ordinance increasing the cap that intern would skyrocket our taxes.

    I guess you have been living in a bubble cause the last 10 years our taxes have consistently increased.

    .Reality Check