Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno is not concerned with doing her job properly and enforcing NJ regulations.

She is not interested in protecting NJ’s most important natural resources, its young children and their teachers.

Not just for days, weeks or months, but almost 3 years I have been emailing her about the dangerous conditions present at the North Bergen Preschool and she has not responded, even though this Preschool is in violation of both NJ DEP and NJ DOE regulations.

This school is supposed to have 2 fire exits in its dilapidated and fire prone trailers, but they only have 1.

This school had a fire 5 years ago when a tree limb fell on electric wires, destroying 2 school trailers and doing other damage.

I sent Ms. Guadagno recent photographs showing tree limbs resting on the electric wires and on the school trailers in mid July.

She hasn’t responded, and the unsafe and illegal conditions still exist, while only a few feet away, North Bergen was busy installing new Astroturf on its high school football field.

Ms. Guadagno and the NJ Dept. of Education are supposed to be enforcing NJ regulations designed to protect its most vulnerable citizens, the young and the disabled.

Instead, they are covering-up that this Preschool was not properly inspected annually for compliance with State regulations.

Citizens throughout New Jersey should be outraged.