Local Resident Blasts UCCCG and North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco

Local Resident Blasts UCCCG and North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco

Local Resident Blasts UCCCG and North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco. Garry Pollack had some choice words at the end of the Union City commissioners meeting.


  1. He did a better job than the Geriatric Citizen Thugs and their golden boy Mitchell who scratches his neck and takes pics of it! Silly little old people!

  2. Pants on fire (AKA Brian has his hands down my pants and I like it)you need to get a life. Sitting in front of your computer 24/7 waiting for people to post on Hudson County TV so you can respond is no way to live. You are in need of mental health intervention. You are one sick puppy. Go to the movie, exercise, read a book, take a walk, do any think but you need to take a break from your obsession of defending Boss Stack.

  3. Awww someone did not take their Geritol today… I guess I’m hitting a nerve! Like I said I have the luxury of working from my home office and you are stuck in the ghetto.

    It must really bother you that all you can do is spew insults because you and your Geriatric Clan have nothing credible to say.

    Did you like $acco’s youtube video of him calling a female employee a f***ng retard and threatening her. This is your drunken hero. Here it is again for you. Hey did you look out your window? Do you see any strange cars with men in it….they are watching you! Good luck Rockhead!

    (Video link removed by HCTV)

  4. PANTS ON FIRE…oh NICE~~~ LOVE you & LOVE the back up and Mr Pollack you were FANTASTIC!
    and to poor Larry Bender try a POSITVE approach..You and Nick Sacco need to see someone(DR) with this obsession of using illnesses as a form of intimidation…Mental illness is real and unfortunatly your posts show that your not seeking the help you need

  5. Hey Janice! I’m a big fan of yours!! Keep up the good work! North Bergen really needs someone like you to fight for them!

  6. Maybe this guy Mr Pollack wants to run for office, this guy
    is also at every meeting and who pays him?
    I think he forgot to take his meds!

  7. Classy Guy

    How many times did he have to turn around and look at Stack?

    Political Operative = Confirmed (whether its paid or volunteer remains to be seen).

    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM IV) possible and probables

    “I just wanna say something about the Omniprescence of Mayor Sacco and all our leaders” (Actual quote)

    Delusional Disorder (Check)

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (Check)