World Lupus Day has appearances from Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez, Freeholder Jose Munoz and Commissioner Count Wiley. Lupus y Latinos Organization Holds First Event in Union City



  1. Armando, This was a great event and was well attended, Keep up
    with your hardwork and desire to help others on
    battling this illness.

  2. Major kudos to you Armando for a job very well done. This was not only a very gallant gesture on your part, but more importantly, it was an enormous leap forward in the fight against this extremely underpublicized disease. You have greatly contributed in raising awareness with regard to this silent killer, and I sincerely hope you continue with your efforts with great vigor and dedication. May Almighty God be with you always, as you pursue this splendid endeavor.

  3. So touched that Armando is using his pain and suffering to help others. This is a selfless act that honors his beautiful daughter. He is very articulate and if anyone can be an advocate it is Armando.