Man Arrested for Outstanding Warrants Found with 10 Wax Folds of Alleged Heroin in Hoboken

Michael Hosein (29) from East Orange has been found with suspected heroin, after he was arrested for outstanding warrants.

According to Hoboken Police, Officers Arocho and Cuevas arrested the defendant for outstanding warrants in the area of 3rd and Jackson. During the arrest, he was found to be in possession with $1,000.00. Once in the patrol car, officers noted that the defendant was acting as he was attempting to conceal something. A second check was conducted and the defendant was found with 10 wax folds of white powdery of suspected heroin.

Mr. Hosein was charged with 2 Bail Jumping Warrants from the City of Hoboken, Distribution of CDS Heroin, Possession of CDS Heroin within 1000 feet of School zone, Possession of CDs within 500 Feet Housing Complex.

Once processed, the defendant was remanded to the Hudson County Correctional Facility.