MAN OF THE PEOPLE: Nicholas J. Sacco Chosen Mayor for an 8th Term in Reorganization Meeting

By Sally Deering.-

North Bergen NJ. Family, friends and voters basked in the sun outside North Bergen’s Town Hall, this morning, soaking in the rays and the glory for Mayor Nicholas J. Sacco and Board of Commissioners who won last Tuesday’s election with 72 percent of the vote.

Standing on the steps along with Mayor Sacco were Commissioners Allen Pascual, Hugo Cabrera, Frank Gargiulo and Julio Marenco – all re-elected for another term.

Each Commissioner raised his right hand and placed his left on the Bible, taking oath to do right by the people of North Bergen in his role as Commissioner. The Commissioners spoke to the crowd, thanking their parents, wives, children, and most of all, Mayor Sacco, whom they praised with respect for his leadership skills, and his dedication to the people of North Bergen.

Commissioner Marenco joked about sometimes receiving late night calls from Mayor Sacco, but it was all in good fun as he pointed out that they proved how dedicated Mayor Sacco is as Mayor of North Bergen. Commissioner Cabrera mentioned how all four commissioners – and Mayor Sacco — went door-to-door stumping for votes, chatting face-to-face with their North Bergen constituents and sharing plans for North Bergen’s future.

After the commissioners spoke, Mayor Sacco took to the podium and shared some insights about his tenure as Mayor of North Bergen. He spoke of the achievements he and the Board of Commissioners accomplished including enhanced parks, additional police officers, improved schools, and the new recreation center. Mayor Sacco said that the people of North Bergen are his highest priority; and he pledged to work hard for an even better North Bergen in the next four years.

After the swearing-in ceremony, the Commissioners walked around the corner to the Town’s Municipal Chambers where they voted on which commissioner would take charge of various city services. Once again, the Commissioners agreed Mayor Sacco should continue to serve as Mayor of North Bergen as the assembled crowd cheered and gave the eight-term mayor a standing ovation.

After the re-organization meeting, friends, family and supporters dined on sandwiches and Mayor Sacco and the Board of Commissioners posed for pictures with a cake decorated in green and yellow buttercream icing, and featuring Mayor Sacco’s likeness. Carlos’ Bakery “Home of the Cake Boss” in Hoboken donated the cake.


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