Man robbed at gunpoint in Jersey City responding to Craiglist ad

A Jersey City man looking for parts for his car Wednesday on Craigslist was robbed at gunpoint by two black men.

According to Bladimy Gaspard, he took to Craigslist to find parts for a 2005 Saab 9-3 convertible and the listing said to meet the person at Old Bergen Road.

When he arrived, two men approached him and said their car was at a family member’s house at another location. The pair attempted to enter Gaspard’s car but he refused.

The men started to walk towards a light-colored 2003 Honda Accord with tinted windows on Kennedy Boulevard.

Gaspard followed the men to Stegman Place and parked his car.

They advised Gaspard to follow them down a driveway to the back of a residence.

When they were halfway down the driveway the first suspect pulled a gun while the second stood as a lookout.

The gun-wielding suspect demanded the $1,000 he says Gaspard was supposed to bring for the purchase, but the 32-year-old told the man he didn’t have any money and had only wanted to look at the parts.

The lookout became agitated and also started demanding money.

That’s when the first suspect snatched Gaspard’s iPhone 6 and both men fled on Stegman Parkway in their car.

Police are trying to find a black male with gun, about 5’7″, 20-30 years-old, wearing basketball shorts and a hooded sweatshirt, as well as a black male about 5’11″ 20-30 years-old, heavyset, wearing jeans and a hooded sweatshirt.