A picture that is circulating on social media of a man holding what seems to be a sword is being investigated by North Bergen Police.

According to Chief Bob Dowd, a resident reported to the police that there was suspicious activity near her home.  She was told by a third party of a friend of her daughter that the daughter’s friend observed a male standing outside her home, dressed in dark clothing with a dark scarf and she believed he was taking a photo of her home.

“The only description of someone being attacked was what she read on social media,” Dowd says. “I don’t think there’s any voracity to this. People were writing telling her that there’s videos out there of the assault but no one’s ever seen them.”

The man then left in a Suzuki Aerio and they have the license plate number, which comes back to a resident outside the county, Dowd says. The police are attempting to reach that person and find out what they were doing near her property.

“But at no time did they attempt to enter the property and from what we can tell, there was no crime committed,” Dowd says.  “Although that social media post claims someone was attacked, the complainant has no information to provide that anyone was attacked.”

When it comes to social media posts, Dowd says rumor becomes reality.

“A lot of times, the fear of crime is worse than the crime itself. We’re investigating all the claims because we want to get to the bottom of it, whether it is a real incident or just an Internet rumor because we don’t want people getting nervous.”

Dowd says they looked at the claims of a man with a ‘sword,’ and it’s actually unfounded.

Despite the manpower an investigation takes to find the truth, Dowd says North Bergen Police will not be pressing charges against the man, Frank D’Angelo who made the claims that his stepdaughter was attacked by a man with a sword.