Massive HCDO Support Behind Swearing In of New West New York Commissioner Cirillo

Cosmo Cirillo, the lifelong West New Yorker became the first in the history of the town to be appointed a commissioner at such a ripe young age.

“I’m full of emotion right now, I’m very humbled and very honored to have been selected by Mayor Roque and the Board of Commissioners,” Cirillo says.  “West New York has been my home for my entire life and I want to give back as much as I can to the residents.”

According to the mayor, Cosmo brings honesty and government experience and that’s what this is all about.

“I’m excited, I feel fantastic; I’m happy to be able to bring not only the youngest commissioner, 27-year-old, but new life to this town,” Roque says.

He was a major advisor to Vinny Prieto.

“I’d say the second highest position in the state of New Jersey and he became the advisor,” says Mayor Nicholas Sacco.  “So Cosmo being here today doesn’t surprise me.”

And the speaker says Cosmo lives and breathes West New York.

“Cosmo Cirillo, is ladies and gentleman; he’s the real deal,” Prieto says.

What’s important for the new commissioner?

“I had the opportunity to serve as a school board president here for the town of West New York and the children of West New York have always been a passion of mine, so recreation is going to be a major focus,” Cirillo says.

Cosmo gets a kick out of the repeated references to his youth.

“I started interning for the town of West New York when I was 16,” Cirillo says.

“So for the last 11 years I’ve been able to work for the town and be able to understand the town and be able to help and volunteer.  So I think it’s a tribute to myself that I’m the youngest, but it’s also a tribute to those around me and everybody that’s helped me get to this point.”

Many other elected officials took the time out to be there, including… Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis, Guttenberg Mayor Gerry Drasheff, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, former Commissioner Michelle Fernandez, Superintendent of Schools John Fauta, former Police Director Al Bringa, former West New York Mayor Sal Vega and Commissioner Hugo Cabrera.


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