Cultivating Unity and Growth: Mayor Albio Sires Invites Residents to Flourish in Miller Park Community Garden

Cultivating Unity and Growth :Join Mayor Albio Sires in the Flourishing Miller Park Community Garden Initiative

West New York, NJ — August 9, 2023: Mayor Albio Sires, together with the Board of Commissioners, cordially extends an invitation to West New York residents to participate in the eagerly anticipated Miller Park Community Garden inauguration. This visionary initiative is poised to establish bonds, champion ecological responsibility, and facilitate learning within the town.

The Miller Park Community Garden, an inclusive haven designed for individuals of diverse ages and backgrounds, embodies the spirit of togetherness while addressing essential communal requisites. The project’s core objectives encompass education, artistic expression, and therapeutic engagement, all nurtured through the collective act of nurturing plants.

Open to all West New York residents, the community garden encompasses an impressive array of 40 plots, offering ample space for residents to cultivate their gardening passions. Embracing inclusivity, the garden features four raised beds designed to accommodate wheelchair access, thereby ensuring everyone can partake in the gardening journey.

Residents are encouraged to embark on this transformative venture by visiting the official garden website: The shared gratitude of Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners extends to the community members who will contribute to this groundbreaking endeavor.

Volunteers who wish to contribute to the cause in capacities beyond gardening are heartily welcomed to participate. The application process for these volunteers is conveniently accessible through the provided hyperlink. Alternatively, physical application forms are available in both English and Spanish at the Mayor’s Office. For inquiries or support, kindly reach out to Sustainability Coordinator Rosemarie Suarez via email at or by phone at 201-295-5119.

Mayor Albio Sires and the Board of Commissioners believe that the Miller Park Community Garden holds the potential to enrich the town’s fabric while fostering unity and shared responsibility. As West New York embraces this verdant undertaking, a future replete with communal harmony and advancement beckons.



  1. It is refreshing to witness the Sires administration get off the ground with constructive and creative and almost novel programs implemented to foster unity and accountability on behalf of the denizens of West New York. The Sires administration, during its prior representation as the stewards of the future of West New York, began its tenure under extremely difficult circumstances as they were facing questions regarding the numerous malfeasance activities taking place in numerous local governmental offices in the town of West New York. The defensive posture that they had to adapt to delayed the progress that West New York made the first time around under the Sires Administration. Eventually, as many of us recall, the Sires Administration came to be considered as one of the greatest if not the greatest mayoral accomplishment group in West New York. An extension of West New York was created along River Road an erstwhile swamp land; the Abbot Educational System was ranked number one in New Jersey; low income and middle income housing were built; the infrastructure of the town was upgraded; and the middle school came to its fruition; ethical standards and gravitas became the norm in all local government offices that were being carefully scrutinized by law enforcement agencies including the FBI.
    This time around the Sires administration is free from those limiting constraints of the past and we are already witnessing many programs being installed that can only improve the livelihoods of the citizens of West New York.

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