Mayor Brian Stack and the Board of Commissioners honor moms in Union City. At the Colin Powell School in Union City, Mayor Stack and his Commissioners greeted residents and wished everyone a Happy Mother’s Day. Lively music and plenty of food made everyone in attendance very happy.


  1. This was a great event! I attended and enjoyed myself very much, I guess it’s because DRACULA MOREJON wasn’t present!!! Thanks again Mayor Stack, you and your Commissioners are wonderful and kind individuals. I also met Comm. Valdivia for the first time, very down to earth.

    • All female mamalians have what we call “maternal instinct;” to nurture their young, so this is something “hard wired” in them…Not so guys; there is no “paternal instinct!” It is time we also started paying some honor to the dagwood bumpsteads of this woild, who go out every day & bust their butts to put food on the table & a roof over the heads of their wifey & “kinder!”