(UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY) — On May 13, 2017, at approximately 11:12 PM, the East Rutherford Police Department responded to a multi-vehicle collision on Route 3 East. Five people were reportedly treated for non-life threatening injuries. Sgt. Mark Zeitounian, who was off-duty at the time, was tragically killed in the collision. “My heart is heavy with grief over learning of the passing of Sgt. Mark Zeitounian,” said Mayor Brian P. Stack. “His wife and son are in my thoughts and prayers and in the thoughts and prayers of the entire city. Mark’s professionalism and kind demeanor were contagious and his memory will live on through the lives he has touched as a police officer in Union City.”

Sgt. Mark Zeitounian was a graduate of Union Hill High School, Bergen County Police Academy and was hired by the Union City Police Department in 1999. Sgt. Zeitounian served his entire career in the Patrol Division where his knowledge as a police officer helped him achieve the rank of sergeant. His stories of his wife, son and dog will be fondly remembered by his colleagues in the department.

Sgt Zeitounian’s passing comes just months after the sudden passing of PO Ricardo Fernandez in December 2016.

“The department and the city are grieving the loss of Sgt. Zeitounian,” said Chief Richard Molinari. “Sgt. Zeitounian’s passing is truly heartbreaking for the department as he exemplified the professionalism and excellence of the department. He loved being a police officer and serving the community. His wife and son are in our prayers and will continue to be a part of the Union City family.”


    • Links… See union city and North Bergen are trying so hard to stop me from telling people what they doing to people I even had to move out of my hometown cause they followed me everywhere.. But yea a lot if people know already what happened to me… If u have anybody that can help me please inbox me so I can do exposed these dirty cops running our streets.. I have paper and documents and names already… I just need someone that’s not scared of the police and help me

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