First Union City Commissioner Meeting after FBI raid lasts less than 10 minutes. Mayor Brian Stack says no one stepped forward during public portion of the meeting.


  1. Please give us all a break a bunch of blow-hearts I would like to know what this group is going to do to help & change things here in Union City not just asking stupit questions..

  2. The only corrupt person up there with a no show job is Emilio Del Valle. I wonder how transparent the records for the corrupt Cuban parade are? Word is that Emilio and EDV Marketing are being investigated by Christie and Co. It is only a matter of time before Emilio gets locked up. BYE BYE BALDY!

  3. JJ you are to ugly to show your face in public please go home and lock your
    self up in your tax payer funded mansion.

  4. Alicia, when you have the courage to place your name on a posting then I will engage you in a conversation. Till then keep hiding under your rock. Name call all you want but it does does change the facts about corruption in Union City. RSVP with your name and address and I will invite you to my Mansion for lunch and drinks. Feel free to bring BP$$$$$$$$$$$$ with you.

    PS: keep posting it helps to bring attention to what Brian Stack has become.

  5. Well Joey boy it sure looks like Brian is right about you. Nothing but sour grapes. Joey boy if it was not for Brian you would still be a corrupt patrol man on the midnight ” narco ” shift stealing drugs from the dealers. Joey boy everyone knows that Chief Everett was a much smarter and better qualified/looking man than you could ever amount to. Joey boy if Brian didn’t take you under his wing and skip you to the top you would be even more useless today than you already are. Joey boy Brian was a true friend to you but you have betrayed him.

  6. Alicia, It is easy to hide behind a computer and post. If your so confident about what your saying then post you name and wen can debate the issues. I guess when your a guy and call yourself Alicia not only are you a coward you also suffering an identity crisis. Please keep posting. I thank you for bring more attention to Brian Stack.

  7. Oh Joey boy so predictable. Sour grapes for sure. Joey boy you must either go back to school or use spell check when responding. Oh I forgot you are a former “Jar Head” a true grunt at heart. Bad speller and a terrible cop.

  8. Alicia, Alicia, So much to say and yet so afraid. So sad to see a grown man posting anonymously behind a woman’s name. Thank you for your kind words. Please continue to post so all can see your cowardly ignorance.

  9. Joey boy Brian made you the man you are and Brian will make sure you fall on your face again. Joey boy it must be real tough to wake up in the morning and have no true purpose in life but to try and destroy another mans life. Joey boy I think you should try and emulate Brian’s ways and help humanity with selfless sacrifice instead of trying to make a quick buck enjoying others demise. Joey boy not so long ago you were a patrolman who made headlines as a staunch Brian supporter against our former Mayor Garcia. Joey boy you wreak of jeoulousy and envy and obviously will do anything for your 15 minutes of fame. What a joke.nSour grapes for sure.

  10. Now is the time to open your eyes!

    Alicia, you represent the blinded public of Bergen County. The fact that you actually slandered a United States Marine Corp Veteran shows what kind of simpleton you really are. As a simpleton, you lack the intellectual fortitude to comprehend such debate topics. Name calling, lack of identity… you are just an Internet troll. You feel free to interact in chat board self stroking from your parents basement.

    Chief Blaettler was not part of the back room boys club. Rather than fattening his own pockets, Chief Blaettler instituted the tactical response teams and improved the PD’s overall operations protocol. Was he commended for his actions? NO! Chief Blaettler received countless amounts of harassment and attacks from the ULTRA CORRUPT Mayor Stack.

    Alicia, I hope you come to your senses one day. Public favors from Brian Stack will not improve our city’s lack of true government. The video above is just a taste of what the future has to hold for Mayor Stack’s checks and balances. The protest will grow until the light is shed!

    Together we stand against the injustice of our own Government, local and federal.

    We are anonymous.
    We are Legion.
    United as ONE.
    Divided by zero.
    We do not forgive Censorship.
    We do not forget Oppression.
    Expect us!!

  11. Alicia, Make all the personal attacks you like. It does not change the facts. Brian Stack has become a corrupt political boss. Another day and another anonymous posting by Alicia. Agree with me disagree with me, like me hate me but have the courage to place you name on your posting and engage me like an adult.

  12. Joseph Blaettler was one of the Hardest working officers on the streets of Union City. His alignment with Mayor Stack as well as some 20 other Officers at the time was to try and change the Politics that permeated the Police Department.

    As the years went by Brian Stacks dislike for the Police Officers became very apparent, one by one those original 20 or so Officers became distraught at the lack of change and continued Political involvement that was required to stay on a good shift, assignment, etc

    Brian does dislike the Police Department, mostly due to the fact that when Bruce Walter wanted to hammer Brian many years ago he would send his small group of henchmen officers to harass him. This is one of the things those 20 officers wanted to see change.

    Did Blaettler ride to the top with Brian, yes but he was also the one who wanted better cars, equipment, emergency services, and many other changes which Chief Everett opposed.

    Why does it matter the reason Blaettler is exposing corruption within Union City Today, everyone specially the mayor calls it sour grapes. Mr Mayor if there was no corruption or mismanagement to report there would be no issue, but since there is and technically there is no defense you and your cohorts resort to personal attacks of him.

  13. Yes Blaettler wanted a better and newer tax payer funded Crown Vic. So he could get to his taxpayer funded mansion faster. The faster he could drive out of our beloved Union City the sooner he could forget he was there. Blaettler need to get a part time at Walmart as a door greeter to keep himself busy. Now as for Blaettler’s work ethic give me a break he can’t shine Brian’s shoes.In the near future he will have a lot of practice after he pulls Brian’s foot out of his skinny butt.

  14. I was actually hoping for the suv like Everret got. It fits in better in my neighborhood.I see sour grapes has taken A page out of Alicia book, another coward afraid of placing his name on a posting. You tell your boy and this goes for you as well, anytime you want to try and kick me in the ass name the place. I am not to worried about Brian, I guess you never heard the story when Brian mouthed off to some guy on 8 th st and the guy knocked him out old with one bunch. If Big e was not there to save his sorry ass, Brian stack would still be in a coma. As for you, if you would like to place your foot in my butt, sign your name and we can arrange to meet. you can even bring brian and you both can try at the same time.

  15. Well I must say I am highly insulted at all the negativity spewed out of Joe Blaettlers mouth against our Hon. Mayor Brian Stack. On numerous occasions Brian was there for my family and myself. Like n angel sent from above he always supported us in our time of crisis. To be honest I have never seen or heard about this want to be Blaettler so I took it upon myself to research him. I must say he seems like a nobody going nowhere fast. He is obviously a hired gun by a politician or political organization set out on attacking Brian. Well Mr. Blaettler I ask you this why do you kep asking everyone to put there name on postings? Mr. Blaettler you are obviously a throw back fom the former corruption plagued streets of U.C. prior to Mayor Stacks tenure or maybe you are living out a perverted fantasy in your head playing the role of a character on boardwalk empire? Mr. Blaettler Itsure seems like you think of yourself as a tough guy and to echo the thoughts of Sour Grapes I can’t wait for Mayor Stack to put his foot in your butt. Mr. Blaettler I have proudly signed my name and I just sure wish you would disclose the names of the classless cowards who pay your salary they are obviously are scared of Brian so they hide under their mommas dress and in your shadows they lurk.

  16. Ivette Torres? Never heard of you. Keep believing in your Angel from above. You like many others will soon find out he is really a devil from below. I hope your there when Stack tries to put his foot in my butt. Because on that day he is the one who will need the angel from above in his time of crisis. No Ivette I am no tough guy, but I am pretty confidence that I can handle Brian Stack. I like your line about me being a throw back to the previous corruption. Clearly you have no idea of past history or current events. In case you have not heard the FBI raided Union City, City Hall two weeks ago. To quote you those FBI agents were “Like n angel sent from above in our time of crisis” I am confidence that the next time they come back others will be leaving with them in handcuffs.

  17. Well Ivette I really appreciate the “shout out” and like yourself can’t wait for Brian to knock Joe Blaettler out. Ivette this may be the fight of the century. Maybe we can have Don King promote this one. Ivette I like where you are coming from and like yourself I have received assistance from Mayor Stack on many occasions in the past. Ivette in time you will come to learn about Blaettler and his love for tax payer money. This along with many other reasons are why Brian had to release him from his position. Hey I have an idea we could bill this fight “the mental and now the physical” you see first Brian destroyed Blaettler mentally and now he will physically by planting his size 12 shoe where the sun don’t shine. Ivette stay tuned for more.

  18. You guys are funny. Once again you cannot defend Boss Stack’s corrupt acts so your restored to personal attacks. You make we laugh with this notion that Stack is going to beat me up. Stack could not fight his way out of a paper bag.

  19. I along with thousands of Union City residents will defend Brian Stack forever. Mayor Stack is the best thing to ever happen to our city. Unlike yourself he wants to build not destroy, he wants to give to taxpayers not take from them like yourself. He is a great man. Can you say the same about yourself Mr. Blaettler?

  20. If you believe Brian Stack is a great man you got issues. Why is he so great because he gave you a turkey, paid your rent, gave your family member a job? Where do you think all the money he spends on these gifts to you and others comes from? “Will defend Brian Stack forever”. Read your history books people said the same thing about Hitler, Stalin, and Castro How did that work out? Old time Union City residents felt the same about Bill Musto and what happen to him?

    “He is a great man. Can you say the same about yourself Mr. Blaettler?”
    People can and believe any thing they want so your question is subjective. Just like you think Stack is a great many others think he is a corrupt political boss. Just like you and others attack me personally for speaking out about Stack their are many who support and respect my efforts.

    Defend and speak out all you like about Stack, that is your right and I have a right to speak out and point out the wrong doing in Union City.

  21. Well Mr. Blaettler can I call you Joe from now on, or is your ego to big for that? I take great offense in what you have to say about turkeys and rent etc. Not once in my life Joe have I received any tax payer assistance nor have I taken a penny of taxpayer money. Joe can you say the same? After reading up on you I must say it appears that you have grown fat on our money. What have you done for it besides being a political turncoat? Have you ever put in a real days work?

    Joe I do commend a person for seeking out the true failures of our elected officials but in this case the only failure is you. It appears that you have always played hardball with the powers to be throughout your career in order to benefit yourself and your wallet. After researching your name on Google I feel more disgusted than before. Any man whos lifes goal is to destroy another’s is not much of a man in my book. Joe I pray for your soul and truly hope you find happiness in life, it must be terrible to wake up everyday, look in the mirror and see nothing. Good Luck Joe, you will need it when Brian finally exposes you and the ones who fund your behavior.

  22. Good Morning Ivette hope all is well in Union City. Glad do see your so interested in my life and career that you have time to read up on me. No need to pray for me, and save me from you self Righteousness BS. Your clueless about Brian Stack and save your prayers because he will need them the next time the Feds come knocking on his door. Guess you have not heard Union City, City Hall was raided by the FBI. I know it is all a misunderstanding. Talk to you tomorrow.

  23. OMG! Breaking news Joey boy got punked! Even a 90year old senior gave it to you. Joey boy Brian made a complete fool of you at comm. meeting! What happened? Got. tongue tied or were you just to scared of B’s foot. Hey Joey boy what happened to your star attorney? Everyone is saying that Brian shut him down almost as fast as he did you. I told you once and now I will tell you again, you are no match for the great wisdom that Brian possesses. Joey boy good luck with your “Hudson County TV” I hear that Brian made Julio an offer he couldn’t refuse. Joey boy word is other UCCG members are also selling out like the merry band of thieves they are. Joey boy better start your own bullcrap TV station.

    Well Joey boy I just can’t wait to see your ugly mug on HCTV trying to spin the ass kicking you received from Mayor and I say it proudly Mayor Stack. Tell me Joey boy, did his shoe fit nicely or is there still room for more in your butt? Joey boy give it up already the money is not worth the embarrassment that Brian brings upon you.

    Joey boy what can you possibly say now? Go home to your Union City tax payer funded out of town mansion in Morristown and smoke some of your leftover confiscated marijuana from your crooked PD days and finally come to terms with how much you truly admire Brian. Just remember Joey boy it was not that long ago that you were chasing him around trying to wipe his butt, Ha Ha Joey boy now you are trying to pull his foot out of yours.

  24. Alica, Two quick questions: Which video were you watching? and were you smoking crack while watching the video? Either you watched the wrong video or your under the influence.

  25. Blaettler your so phony just look at your face you need to get a life do you remember or did you forget when you took sick leave you were so afraid of Bruce you said you were having a nervious break down & always sucking up to Menendez so go crawl back underneath that rock you came from your such a hipocrite but every”DIRTY DOG”has there day & your day is coming mark my words..