At a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Sen./Mayor Brian Stack and State Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, who represent the most ethnically diverse legislative district in New Jersey announced their sponsorship of a bill that will create a program providing supplementary grant funding to a municipality or county denied or lost federal grant funding based upon its sanctuary jurisdiction status.

That district includes Union City, with a long history as a sanctuary city and where in the 2010 Census nearly 85% of the population was Hispanic or Latino; Jersey City, home to Ellis Island or “Gateway to America;” Hoboken; and Weehawken.

Hudson County has always played a pivotal role in welcoming immigrants to this nation, regardless of citizenship status, nation of origin, or religion. It is a place  that nurtures an environment of inclusiveness, which protects the values of democracy and freedom and respects human dignity of all residents of the State, and is of vital concern to New Jersey.