Mayor Brian Stack Stands United with Union City's Undocumented Immigrants


(UNION CITY, NJ) — Following the election of President-Elect Donald Trump, State Senator and Union City Mayor, Brian P. Stack issues his support to undocumented immigrants residing in Union City and throughout Hudson County.

“Ninety-five percent of Union City residents are of Hispanic descent,” said Mayor Stack. “They are our neighbors, our friends and our family. They are a part of our community and a part of what makes Union City such as great place to live.” Mayor Stack contends that he will remain in support of the undocumented immigrants in his community and throughout the country. “Undocumented immigrants provide an economic and cultural benefit to our community and to our country. I will not support any policy that will hinder economic growth and rip families apart,” said Stack.

Mayor Stack has expressed support of the DAPA and DACA programs that would have assisted 5 million undocumented immigrants and 3.5 million US born children of undocumented immigrants in receiving temporary work permits. “The failure to uphold the DAPA and DACA programs is a major setback for our country,” said Stack. “Reasonable and responsible policy has to be a priority rather than unilateral deportation that will result in broken families and broken communities. My continued support for the immigrants, both documented and undocumented, remains resolute.”


    • How easily people dismiss that the Western hemisphere had (still resisting white supremacy) indigenous inhabitants before Europeans (Dutch, English, Spaniards, etc.) invaded these lands. If you can’t acknowledge that, YOU are part of the problem. Stolen Land, GENOCIDE, RACISM, RAPE, on and on. If you are white in this country – you reap the benefits from all that while people of color are blamed for fleeing their homeland mostly due to U.S. policies and appointing corrupt officials. Lastly, quit your bitching about U.C. – take your junk and hit 495 west. The Dutch, Italians, Irish, they all moved on. Bye!

  1. Fucking idiot no wonder he was with Hilary, break the law like it’s ok. Yet he has a seat in the Senate because people are too damn brainwashed to see what’s in front of them.

  2. These immigrants as they are called bust there butts off everyday to work and some are judged because of the bad ones. Every group has their share of bad people. It’s very expensive to become a citizen and I would not want to see anyone be deported and break up families.

  3. I grew up in Union City my whole life until I moved to Pennsylvania. You couldn’t pay me to live in Union City, glad I got out. It’s over crowded and over run!

  4. We should all move to their native countries and watch how they destroy America like they had destroyed their native countries.