Mayor Davis and Assemblyman Chiaravalloti host Bike Safety Day at 16th St Park in Bayonne.¬†Nothing could be more important than the safety of our children. That is exactly what National Bike Safety Day is all about in Bayonne. Around 50 children from the Bayonne Recreation Department were in attendance to hear from the Mayor and the Police¬†about the importance of Bike Safety. The Bayonne Police and Explorers Unit gave a presentation stressing that not only do helmets save lives, but it’s also the law.

Mayor Jimmy Davis was surprised and disappointed to learn how many of the kids elect to not wear their helmets when they are out on their bikes. He also puts the blame on the parents for not making sure that their children are safe. Mayor Davis also believes that Bike Safety Day is not just for children, but adults as well.

Assemblyman Nick Chiaravalloti, on the other hand, was not surprised to find out how unsafe children are. He also urged education as the best way to make children aware. Local Police Officer Joseph Lynch also wants kids to know that a bike is not a toy, but a vehicle and as such, is subject to the rules of the road. When on the street, drivers are the biggest threat and “make sure that you see them, before they see you.” by going with traffic.

The presentation was a big hit and it looks like everyone is going home a little safer.