Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that the City of Bayonne is seeking objects for a time capsule in honor of the City’s 150th anniversary. Mayor Davis said, “In 2019, the City of Bayonne will be celebrating its 150th anniversary.  Back in March 1869, the New Jersey Legislature approved the Township of Bayonne’s decision to transform itself into the City of Bayonne.  During the coming months, we will be doing various things to celebrate and appreciate Bayonne.”

Mayor Davis continued, “One of our projects for Bayonne 150 will be a time capsule that will represent Bayonne’s present to its future.”  A time capsule is a container that holds objects that reflect what is important to the people at a given point in time.  Mayor Davis explained, “People in the future will open that time capsule to learn what the people of Bayonne thought represented us in 2018 and 2019.  At some point in the second half of 2019, the time capsule will be sealed and stored, with instructions to open it in 2069 when the City of Bayonne will celebrate its 200th anniversary.”

Library Director JP Porcaro has volunteered the first floor of the library as the drop-off site for objects that people would like considered for the time capsule.   Bayonne residents, schools, and organizations are invited to submit an object for possible inclusion in the time capsule between now and the end of June in 2019.  Mayor Davis said, “At some point during the coming months, we will have to make a decision about the size of the time capsule that we are going to use.  If we receive more submissions than we can fit into the time capsule, a small committee will be appointed to make some decisions about what should be included.”

One of the traditions of time capsules is writing a letter to the people of the future.  Mayor Davis announced, “I plan on placing a letter in the time capsule that will be addressed to the person who is mayor in 2069.   That letter will reflect the growth we are experiencing today and our hopes for the future of Bayonne.”

The celebration of Bayonne 150 will also include educational programs in the schools and cultural events in the community.  “We will be making announcements about these events in the coming months,” Mayor Davis stated.

Mayor Davis concluded, “We should be proud that we have a lot to celebrate about Bayonne today.  Several new residential and commercial buildings are under construction. Our population is increasing.  We are making great progress. We hope that progress will continue long after the time capsule is opened in 2069.”