Davis HCAA Breakfast 2016

(Bayonne, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis today issued a statement voicing his objections to the Bayonne Board of Education serving a notice of eviction to the Bayonne P.A.L. from use of Midtown Community School:

“On May 18th representatives of the Bayonne School District met with me to go over their plan to institute an after-school program run by the Board of Education. During that meeting I voiced my concerns that such a move would adversely impact currently existing, and highly successful programs throughout the City. These programs (e.g., those run by the P.A.L., the Jewish Community Center, the Bayonne Family Community Center and many others) have provided a quality service to the youth of Bayonne for generations.

Earlier this week I was informed that on May 26, 2016 Dr. Patricia L. McGeehan, in her capacity as the Superintendent of Schools for the Bayonne Public School District, served an eviction notice to the Bayonne P.A.L. asking them to vacate the premises at Midtown Community School by August 31, 2016.  The P.A.L. is a staple of the Bayonne community, with a long and honored history. My first concern is that such a short timeline for relocation is completely unreasonable. My second concern is the lack of transparency in which the decision was made. It is my understanding that Dr. McGeehan sent this eviction notice only after a vote of the Bayonne Board of Education’s Board of Trustees.  This vote, to my knowledge, was not made in public session. There was no public comment, nor was there public discussion on the matter. If true, this was a controversial move made behind closed doors. Part of my support for an elected school board was to avoid the perception, or in this case, the reality of these types of actions.

I call on Dr. McGeehan and the Bayonne Board of Education’s Board of Trustees as a whole to reconsider their actions in order to allow for well-reasoned analysis and public discourse.”