Mayor Davis talks Regional Infrastructure with Hudson County Alliance for Action

Davis HCAA Breakfast 2016

(BAYONNE, NJ) – Mayor Jimmy Davis delivered remarks to the Hudson County Alliance for Action who held their 2016 Breakfast meeting in Bayonne. The Hudson County Alliance for Action, a County Chapter of the state-wide New Jersey Alliance for Action, is comprised of top corporate, labor, academic and government representatives who share a mission to improve New Jersey’s economy through the promotion of capital construction and infrastructure investment

Mayor Davis spoke about the large regional projects both ongoing and in the near future, including: the New Jersey Turnpike Authority’s (NJTA) Interchange 14A Improvements, the Port Authority’s (PANYNJ) Bayonne Bridge Navigational Clearance Project, and the partnership between the PANYNJ and Global Container Terminals (GCT) for the creation of a ship-to-rail commerce facility.

“These projects represent over $1.7 billion of monies invested or to be invested in infrastructure,” said Davis. “The importance of our local and regional roads, bridges, and tunnels cannot be understated. These investments now will pay dividends for the entire region.”

When asked about the coordination and progress of the projects currently underway, Mayor Davis spoke to the regular interaction he has with representatives of PANYNJ and NJTA. “I personally speak with them on an almost daily basis, and it is accurate to say that members of my administration are often in contact with them multiple times a day,” he said. “These projects do need to happen, and are very important, but not at the undue expense of local residents. I am committed to making sure that the residents’ interests are well represented when conversations are conducted with these agencies.”

The Mayor also indicated that PANYNJ and NJTA officials coordinate operations on a regular basis, and hold in-person meetings bi-weekly with all pertinent City Departments including Police, Fire, OEM, Public Works, and the Mayor’s Office. “When we talk and communicate effectively things run much smoother. It’s something I feel is essential,” said Davis.

In terms of project progression, Davis stated that we was “encouraged” by the progress made at Interchange 14A, saying, “NJTA and their contractors reached a major milestone a full two months ahead of schedule. I thank them for their dedicated work and urgency.”

When commenting about the Bayonne Bridge project, Mayor Davis was more reserved in his comments: “The Port Authority continues their work, but the project has seen its share of major set-backs. It’s my job to continually communicate with residents in the Impact Zone to ensure that their interests and concerns are brought to the forefront.”

Finally, Mayor Davis commented about the ship-to-rail facility, ExpressRail Port Jersey, to be constructed by GCT, funded up to $56 million by PANYNJ: “Right now, cargo coming off of ships is exclusively transported by truck. The overabundance of these trucks often clog our local and regional roadways, causing practical travel and environmental headaches for Bayonne residents and commuters. The creation of a ship-to-rail facility will calm these issues and benefit not only Bayonne, but the entire region.”

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