Mayor-Elect Jimmy Davis talks about the future of Assemblyman Jason O'Donnell and Chief Rogers

Mayor-Elect Jimmy Davis talks about the future of Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell and Fire Chief Gregory Rogers. In a one on one interview with HCTV. Bayonne Mayor-Elect Jimmy Davis says he will be replacing roles of Public Safety Director and Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell and the retirement of Fire Chief Gregory Rogers.


  1. Excuse me may I ask why you want to replace both of these gentlemen? I’m a former Bayonne Resident I know neither of them but just replacing for the sake of replacement without due cause is a practice prior administrations have done, although I have been out of Bayonne for 7 yrs I keep close tabs on the city I will forever call home

  2. Janet, the fire chief is retiring. As far as O’Donnell is concerned, why would Mayor Davis want a snake as his public safety director? Mayor Davis is no dummy.

    • You sound like a political hack for Davis who barely won the election in addtion to not knowing a thing about Public Safety. Mr O’Donnell’s service to the citizens of Bayone is impeccable. We were all better off with him as Director. Surprised you can even spell snake “Leo”.

  3. Mayor Davis owned Jason O’Donnell with that comment

    “Jason O’Donnell will go back to being a fire captain and work as our assemblyman for now.”

  4. recampbell just now

    Chief Rogers is a former Bayonne resident and has a base salary of $227,798 if you are US Army, General Dempsey also a former Bayonne resident, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff . General is the highest rank in the US Army the pay scale per month with 34 years of perfect service is $18,821.10 x 12 months is $225,853.20