In an exclusive with Hudson County TV, Jersey City Mayor-Elect Steven Fulop discusses the eminent retirements of several police officers and other issues he’s looking to address once he takes office on July 1st. Mayor-Elect Steven Fulop provides clarity concerning eminent retirements in Jersey City.



  1. If you believe these GREEDY police never took a sick day who in there right mind would believe this crock of B-S there band wagon just stopped & there horse the X mayor another phony just got his ass kicked with all the cronies he had on the payroll..
    One like his boozer nephew Jersey City cop who killed a woman on the skyway another LOW-LIFE now all of a sudden they want to retire were all better off without them but they need to investigate all of these crooked cops who never did a honest days work in there lives…
    We all hope our new mayor stands up & does the right thing WE THE PEOPLE are behind you with this B-S 5-MILLION