Mayor Felix Roque hosts a festive Father’s day luncheon. Hudson Hall was packed with residents enjoying great food, lively music and a chance to interact with their Mayor in West New York.


  1. Roque and his Son Joesph will be in Jail soon and Frias will be looking for a Job. Frias will be looking for a new Sugar Daddy also. It’s almost over West New York for these two Leeches and Liars.

  2. We all know Felix Roque “The Indicted Mayor” is giving the pipe to Frias “A Corrupt WNY Cmmissioner”.

    The Story is Joseph Roque “The Hacker” was the first one of the Roque’s to give Frias his pipe in 2008. For people that don’t know Roque and Frias’s back yards connect. (211 60st and 208 59st) Just want everyone to know whats the story with these two family’s.

    Now they give all of WNY their dirty pipe’s and Infect us with their VIRUS!