Mayor Felix Roque outlasts Commissioner Count Wiley’s recall effort

Mayor Felix Roque outlasts Commissioner Count Wiley’s recall effort. Commissioner Count Wiley’s recall of Mayor Felix Roque comes up short. Roque beats the recall just one day after being acquitted of federal hacking charges


    • You’re an idiot! Can’t you see he is trying to clean up WNY and get rid of the bad political seeds! Open your eyes man!

      • Do we really need to call each other names?
        Wiley is on a power trip. Grabbing power and getting revenge on Roque, those are his motivations.

  1. It is impossible for Mayor Roque to use any Departments for political reasons; especially The Health, Building and DPW Departments because he does not control them, Mayor Sacco does! All the important personnel who direct operations of these departments owe that allegiance to Sacco. It is a shame that Mayor Roque doesn’t even see it.

  2. Felix your a real scam artist. Fooling and Lying to your Town is not a Leader.

    Seek help please Dr.

  3. Wiley owes his life to roque! Who knew this clown of wiley? No one knew him until he ran for office under felix roque ticket. Just remember one thing mr wiley. You are a back stabber who betrayed roque and people see that in you…remember he was the one who put you in his ticket bot the other way around.

  4. Wiley your finished now, and the courts have spoken-Mayor Roque Innocent and
    now the Town Clerk turns down your signatures, time to pack your bags!!
    God Bless Mayor Roque