Mayor Felix Roque, Town Attorney Gilberto Garcia come under fire at West New York special commissioners meeting. Board of education candidate Patrick Cullen argued that Roque’s criminal defense attorneys were hired improperly according to the Walsh Act, while Freeholder Jose Munoz again questioned the legitimacy of Garcia’s 2013 earnings.


  1. Oh no! Now THE CFO is going to be wired. Miss. CFO if you are illegally knowingly or unknowingly paying Gil Garcia’s disgustingly excessive bills you will be held responsible by The FBI. Miss. CFO, do you really think Choque Roque will have your back? Did he have his own SON’S back?

    Just take a close look at Choque Roque, he does not even have enough respect for THE CITIZENS OF WEST NEW YORK to change his cloths. All anyone must do to see that Roque is not mentally fit is to look into his little beady eyes.

    Miss. CFO you seem like a nice lady. Everything you do is being scrutinized for the legalities. Please do yourself a favor and don’t blindly sign. The FBI is watching you…

  2. The only friend “Choque” Roque has is money. This man is a greedy pig beyond belief! Roque surrounds himself with some of the most questionable characters around. If you rounded up all of Roques associates it would look like the recreation yard at Sing-Sing or Rahway.
    It is time for The Fererales to clean house. This idiot Mayor needs to be removed from office ASAP if West New York stands a chance. Citizens wake up! West New York is crumbling. The Government is non-functional; The police, recreation, dpw, building and parks etc. etc. departments are deteriorating beyond belief.

    Roque! Please do us a favor and resign! You were a good man with good ideas who unfortunately became consumed by power and greed. We implore you Mayor Choque to throw out all of your dirty laundry/associates and start anew. Please give West New York a fighting chance.

  3. Jose Munoz is an obese loser trying to start trouble. Also, I seeing the group in the back led by Wayne Cook, I get the feeling half the people in that room don’t have a brain.

  4. Why do they have important key town meetings in such a small room? What is the yearly budgeted amount for legal services? Did they go over the budget last year?