Mayor Felix Roque under fire again for housing and planning board appointments. Roque offers to create a new team strictly to look at resumes and decide who serves on which board.



  1. Caridad Rodriguez how do you sit there among these Criminals? We won’t forget what you turned into Caridad. We all where wrong about you all these years. The truth is your a phoney and in bed with the Corrupt. You proved it to all of us. We will remember now always! Shame on you Mrs Caridad Rodriguez!

  2. S Vega your such a phony you Menendez & Sucko WE THE PEOPLE call you the VICIOUS CIRCLE so Vega crawl back under that slimy rock you came out of do you really think us voters believe the B-S your laying down please give us a break

  3. I can believe the nerve of VEGA talking about perceptions. He was not worried about that when he was in power.

  4. I am not friend of Roque and he has certainly done questionable things. But if the choice is between him and Vega ( or the others) we better not bother changing anything. Unless a truly honest and principled persons shows up. But, really, is there such a thing in this corrupt world of politics??