Mayor Gonnelli: ‘It’s hard to believe’ Mayor Zimmer’s allegations against Christie administration. Secaucus Mayor Michael Gonnelli, who endorsed Governor Chris Christie for his November re-election bid, shares his thoughts on the Bridgegate scandal in Hoboken.


  1. Here a mayor that is talking common sense you have to be a IDIOT 2 believe that the governor had anything to do with the GWB or Hoboken mayor Zimmer WHY would he do it there are Dem Rep & independence voters crossing the bridge everyday…
    Zimmer is in bed with that VICIOUS CIRCLE here in Hudson County it’s all about Christie record 132-0 locking up all these greedy politicians here ripping off us tax payers & making these 6
    figures salaries for themselves friends & family just check the books….

  2. As someone who enjoys following local politics…in my opinion, both Mike & Dawn R the 2 most “integrous” politicians(?) in this county…It goes more to a compliment to Mike that he finds it difficult to question Christie’s integrity…Honest people tend to believe generally that other people R honest, too…Just like most thieves believe that everyone else (at least given the opportunity!) wud be on the take, just like them. It is quite believable that initially Dawn cud not even wrap her around what more sophisticated insiders wud have no doubt taken as a quid pro quo from kim guadagno.
    Brian, in UC understands this game better; that is why he has a beautiful new high school…etc! Not that I fault Brian, either. I respect him, too! Because what he did, he did for his constituents—& not for himself! Let us never forget how CC got himself the governorship—Operation Bid Rig—which really was Operation Governorship pour moi!!! I think Tricky Christie is going to end up just like Tricky Dick—& our Democratic legislature has an entire term to kick his butt around—Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!!! Viva Politics!!! Eventually Mike will have to shake his head in disbelief—(Who wudda thunk?) But He is an A++ mayor & will continue to be as long as he wishes & He’s a guy whose door is always open—I know this from personal experience! & he will continue to have my support—even if some of his decisions R other than I wud like!!! 😉