Mayor Healy sings his loss away. Jerramiah Healy played a good sport and sang some oldies after losing mayoral elections.


  1. Just want to wish Jerramiah good luck in his future career as a lead singer in a country band…Perhaps he cud also begin another career coaching other retired/has been! politicos into new venues…eg Felix in WNY & hopefully in NB the ongoing criminal conspiracy known as the Sacco administration. Or perhaps the Feds will just pre-empt the local citizenry & send these boys off to the hoosegow/juzgado & save us the trouble!

      • Hmmm! Thank U, Maria F!…R U single? How old R U? & R U related to anyone in elective office who can give me a cushy no woik/no show “job” in their administration? Unless, of course, Felix & Ida get moving! C U guys Wed the 22nd @ the WNY THM? & hopefully Alcalde Felix also @ the “All Hell’s Breaking Loose” BOE meeting; 6300 Palisade Ave, tomorrow @5:30! As they say: This is one venue U do not want to miss!!!