WNY Mayor Felix Roque discusses plight of Cuban refugees and his possible political aspirations in Cuba

West New York, NJ

The Mayor of West New York, New Jersey, Dr. Felix Roque, along with the “Damas de Blanco” -Ladies in White, want to raise awareness on what is happening today in Cuba.

Dr. Roque never thought that Cuba would become the circus world, and that the President of the United States, Barak Obama, was the Master of the Ceremonies of this great cérquense tent. He invited exceptional puppets to join him in order to achieve and capture the audience and the rest of the planet.

The first act of the Cuban Circus was Rolling Stones’ performance: in good faith they sold all the rights, something that hasn’t been done in Mexico, otherwise they were to pay all the taxes.

Things in Cuba went the other way round: taxes weren’t paid when they sold all the broadcast rights of their live concert from Havana which is already on sale.

The second act of this great Cuban Circus is the “Fast and Furious” movie. Not only it has wreaked havoc on the locations where they are rolling, but they are engaged in parties with minors. Everyone on the island knows about it. Too bad that the director forgot that those minors prostitute themselves in order to survive. These people are having sex with girls who do not reach 16 years old, and there’s no doubt about it. They just have to ask Yaslein.

The third act, as usual, is with the animals: what’s better than using COCO CHANNEL, where beauty is indomitable. Who gives commands in this animal ritual is obviously Raul Castro’s daughter.

To conclude this great Cuban Circus in Hollywood-style, the Kardashians gave their contribution to ensure the tickets to go SOLD OUT. The goal has been fully accomplished and the foreign society as well as the social media had their news ready.

“Castro has created a very good strategy to make the world forget what is really happening in Cuba: poverty, repression, assassinations, missing people, the violation of human rights. The most incredible thing is that a communist country, where the “Damas de Blanco” still get arrested and raped every day, where children prostitution is the everyday reality, where there is no freedom of expression.

As a Cuban father, son, husband, brother, who holds the reins of a city, I can’t allow this to continue.

This is the reason why I raise my voice and I will use all the necessary force along with the “Damas de Blanco” so the world doesn’t forget what happened, what is happening and what will continue to happen in Cuba while the Castro family remains in power. I know that his generals have their hands tied because the Castros have the absolute power on the army and fear disobedience: the consequences are jail or death”.

Dr. Felix Roque, Mayor of  West New York NJ, began a campaign to rise world awareness on the consequences of supporting this great Cuban Circus that the Castros have orchestrated in order to continue manipulate the tent clowns.

Felix Roque, is a Cuban-American Doctor, who came to the United States at age 11, served in the United States Army since1976, and is now Retired Colonel from the Armed Forces; on April 27th, 2010 he was elected mayor of West New York.

He is director of the Clinical Pain Relief Center, and director of the Pain Center at St. Marys Hospital General Hospital in New Jersey.


  1. Mr. Roque needs to worry first about the circus in WNY to which he is the Master of the Ceremonies. Let me runs by some of the acts in this circus.

    1st: “El Coronel y Doctor Roque”: The similarities to the man he hates El comandante Fidel Castro: Always using the military man & doctor card when giving speeches and dressing as such every opportunity he gets. We only see that in authoritarian leaders.
    2nd: Authoritarian tactics again, him and his son hacking a “dissenters” website. Like the secret police in Cuba. Something Castro might do? Not sure if Castro would let his son take the fall though.
    3rd. Not a true WNY resident. Really lives in Clifton? Edgewater? Same for one of his commissioners on his first administration who lived in North Bergen, or he lived in WNY and his wife lived in North Bergen, who really knows. WNY Circus? Now one of his current commissioners has always been known to live in Fairview.
    4th. Corrupt commissioner who owes thousands of dollars to the town and then still get multiple jobs in town and placed on boards.
    5th. Town as dirty as ever, sends letter to residents blaming them.
    6th. High paying jobs for unqualified people, Son & his GF as one example.
    7th. Naming streets after family members, naming a school for politician who isn’t from WNY.
    8th. Filling schools with family members but then his hand picked superintendent “loses” money and teachers don’t have a contract.
    9th. Lawsuit after lawsuit that the town’s taxpayers are paying for.
    10th. “La Ruta de Roque” as good a casue as it may be, puts the town he should be worrying about FIRST on the back burner.
    11th. Teenagers must get state IDs ($24) to work at the Rec, coincidently the supervisor at the MVC ( who may work on a base salary plus commission) is a close friend of the Rec’s commissioner and future BOE trustee.

    The REAL Circus is in WNY, with its glorious Master of the Ceremonies El Coronel y Doctor Roque.

  2. 1. He was never elected Mayor of West New York. One cannot be elected Mayor of West New York, only a commissioner. He was appointed the Mayor (twice by resolution) by his fellow commissioners but never elected. On the ballot during the elections the word Mayor does not appear.

    2. Did he write this? If so, for someone who is supposed to be so educated, his English is not all that hot.

    3. What is he talking about ‘the animals’. His Roque anti LGBT? I know Raul’s daughter is pro Gay Rights and has even lead a Pride Parade there.