Mayor Roque feels West New York is on it’s way to being the “diamond” of New Jersey


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Mayor Roque feels West New York is on it’s way to being the “diamond” of New Jersey. Hudson County TV spoke with Mayor Roque about how West New York is making many positive changes without increasing taxes. 




  1. Jose Munoz is our next mayor-first He will win Tuesday’s election then mayor in 2015-thank God for developers like Tony Hector who are willing to take a stance against people like this a–hole guy who is our mayor.MUnoz for mayor 2015

  2. REALLY ROQUE? Please tell me how the Town of WNY purchased new police vehicles? What portion of the Waterfront is paying 70% of the taxes? You are such a joke! Get the facts straight buddy…the POLICE DEPARTMENT purchased it’s own vehicles and you are sticking it to the cops with the insurance. Thats WHY you have a 0 tax increase! JERK!

  3. Mayor Roque, the facts do not support much of your claims. Did. Voodo economic guru of former Mayor Sires, his business administrator and Weehawken Mayor(& crony employer of Freehilder cabdidate Caridad Rodriguez’ husband Joe) pull his wool over your eyes again? Taking another Albio Sires/Richard Turner faux pas, why did you issue millions of dollars in bonds, especially 2013 Series A and B? Like Sires, you are destroying our Town’s future by not paying our Town’s bills as you go. According to Albio Sires handpicked challenger to Freeholder Muñoz (the victim’s -among others- whose computor your son “see what youcan do” hacked into), taxes would have gone up 9% had you not accepted the advance payment from Hovnanian of a pilot given you (like Sires) granted them a long term tax abatement.I submit to you, Mayor Roque, that the 9% hole in the budget is simply the outrageously unacceptably high percentage of budget dedicated to servicing the debt.And like Sires, you are realizing you gave created a very inequitable tax abatement scheme that shifts the tax burdon to non abated, full tax rate property owners.Or, you perhaps don’t get it. Either way, WNY can and will not suffer much longer under your inept mismanagement of Our Town finances.Vote Culumn B Tuesday.

    • it’s really interesting how people forget the situation that was left by vega and sires…actual politicians messing things up and cutting deals with god knows who. don’t be so tunnel visioned Patrick

  4. WOW??

    What West New York is Mayor Roque talking about? Not the one I live in east of North Bergen. How does Mayor Felix Roque look in the camera as he speaks his Lies?

    He is a great Liar. Not Mayor.

    What a disgusting man Mayor Roque is.

  5. this is hilarious. west new york is becoming the worst place to live. on top of that he has all his ass kissers with made up jobs making anywhere between $80,000 all the way up to $115,000 a year

  6. How can anyone watch this poor excuse for a man and believe anything he says. Let us not forget that he was willing to send his son to prison for him. He is nothing but an egomaniacal power hungry fool who thinks he is in control, when he is clearly not. Mr. Sires and Menendez and Sacco are in control and don’t ever forget it. He flaunts his money from his crooked pain management office around in the face of the people who he claims to work for, yet you only see him one day a week and at parades. We need a real mayor, someone who grew up here and has pride in the residents, someone who doesn’t treat them like second class citizens, someone who will do the right thing for the people and not for himself. Mr. Roque, take your money and ride off into the sunset, 4 years of this insanity is enough. Take your people with you also. Garcia is already gone, I guess his bank account is full. DeMarco is next, Acosta is just about finished selling you out, it’s only a matter off time before the big boys turn their backs also. Leave with whatever dignity you have left.

  7. Mayor, starting to campaign fot 2015?Did the station charge you for this advertisement? Where is our new recreation center?What about improvements to the Town pool? Any basketball court RECONSTRUCTION?Program to clean Bergenline Avenue?Any thoughts on how to bring new improved stores to Bergenline Ave.?I’m not even running for office and am I the only one with ideas for this town?These ideas come from years of living here and watching the deconstruction of basketball courts and the deterioation of our pool and amputation of our recreation center.I listen to people and hear what annoys them or what gives them cause to leave our great town.A person named Paul commented that mayor Roque was left with this.But he has done nothing to improve the infrastructure of this town.With one exception,he has continued the insane allowing of the waterfront to be developed at pennies on the dollar.This will sound petty,but when is the Callahan truck going to come up to the top of West New York?it really doesn’t matter what you do from this point on mayor,you came into power because the previous Mayor lost the confidence of the voters & rightfully so. Now you have done the same thing and even have gotten disdain from us.This cleanup crew that came in to help your administration has done one thing that is very clear to me. They have validated your ineptness and your lack of concern for the town.. We will have a new Mayor and we will have a new beginning,you will have nothing to do with it!

  8. Had changed….(I’m so used to editing on Facebook I sent that to quickly lol)

  9. The past 3 1/2 years have been the worst in the history of WNY. We have seen people exploited, stolen from, strong armed and punished for not complying. I thought this was the reason the Mayor left Cuba in the first place. This town has turned into a state of the haves and the have nots. The waterfront receives the perks while the rest of us suffer in filth and increasing taxes. he children are neglected, the elderly are neglected, the teachers and other town workers are treated with utter disrespect, and the mayor has the audacity to call this town a diamond. It used to be a diamond, not anymore. Now it is a shell of what it once was, and a laughing stock for the rest of the state. This is a call for help from the people. Vote this man and whomever he backs out, they are methodically raping this town of its resources and once there is nothing left they will leave with their money and the rest of us to suffer in a wasteland. Vote them out before it is too late.

  10. I FEAR FOR OUR TOWN.”DIAMOND” MEANS -FOR DEVELOPERS-WHO DEVELOPE THEIR BANK ACCOUNTS! DEVELOPE SOMETHING WITH ANIMA–LIFE..FOR THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY.RECREATIONAL IN NATURE , TO DEVELOPE THE SOULS OF THE YOUNG(in particular).WE DO NOT NEED MORE HOUSING AND PEOPLE WITHOUT A VIABLE AND SUSTAINABLE EMPLOYMENT BASE. (no new jobs here-no new housing)GET YOUR BUDDY SIRES (congressman) TO GRANT US $$$$$$ /and senators/INSTEAD OF BORROWING FOR THE TOWN OF W.N.Y.FROM DEVELOPER (HOVNANIAN) WTF? W.T.F.??no one questions why we borrow money from private entities ,??where are our representatives ???representing us.???–or representing corporate $$$ interest through lobby?
    AND SO IT BEGINS…THE END FOR SOME.THE BEGINNING FOR REST OF US.and if you’re worth anything what so ever in your soul….attack my words not my flesh and being..We ALL ARE HUMAN .seems really weird when people want to fix things and they have good ideas other people get nervous?God Bless…