Mayor Roque talks about Robert Menendez Elementary School and cancellation of Formula 1

Mayor Roque talks about Robert Menendez Elementary School and cancellation of Formula 1. West New York and Weehawken face the cancellation, which would have brought record revenue to the region.


  1. Mayor DR. Felix Roque really believes his own Lies. Felix seek some help man. You like hurting people but once you hurt yourself with all the lying its time to seek some kind of help. Lying will get you Indicted again also.

    Fernando you and your Boss really are going easy on Roque and all his Corruption.


  2. How did this guy graduate from medical school? His comments never make any sense, it’s really funny to watch.

  3. He was going to name a library after Menendez, 10 years ago. How was he going to do that? two years ago he was calling Menendez “el padrino” the godfather and calling Kirillo his friend. Was the payoff to let you go free naming the school after Menendez?

  4. You are judged by the company you keep.
    Look who this poor excuse for a mayor surrounds himself with:
    1. Wire wearing, illegal apartment owning, money grabbing deputy mayor silvio acosta.
    2. Failed attorney gil gimme 1-million of taxpayer money garcia.
    3. Convicted drug lord manny lets make a deal to steal diaz.

    Guest appearances by: herb I need another contract klitzner, boss sacco and joe I work for the feds muniz.

  5. Cubanito, you must mean the wearing wire Freeholder Munoz an the new friends he’s
    been hanging with.
    Are the they also wearing necklaces an tie clips???

  6. I think you mean the next Mayor Munoz. Roque is a joke! He is as spineless as they come. Colonel in The Army? Thank God he never had to lead our troops, we would be the laughing stock of the entire world the same way WNY is the joke of the state. Munoz changed the WNY Board of Ed and now he will change City Hall also.

    Check out the facts at