Mayor Turner performs the ceremony for the 1st same sex marriage in Weehawken. After a recent NJ Supreme Court ruling, Weehawken, in addition to, other municipalities wasted no time in having these ceremonies take place.


  1. Congratulations! It’s great to see another state choose equality for all. Discrimination should not be allowed in other states. The constitution was designed to protect all citizens rights.

    • Live & let Live!!!…If the guy upstairs ain’t happy let Him take care of it…since U probably believe He is Omnipotent! Right!

      • Garry dear,

        Who said I am not letting the Omnipotent One take care of this? He will most definitely take care of each one of us, since He alone knows not only our acts but also our intentions.
        That said, if you are suggesting that my not agreeing with same sex marriage means that I am “not letting others live the way they wish” then you are the intolerant one.
        I might not believe in same sex marriage, but I do wish this couple happiness and peace.

  2. I have known Gary and Alan as great professionals and gentlemen for over twenty years. I have observed them to show other human beings great respect always and it’s wonderful to see them so happy and supported by the Mayor in this news clip- thank you for a wonderful cover story. Sincerely, Cheryl Clark Broadway “A Chorus Line”, Original 1975 “Chicago”, and Fosse’s 1972 “Pippin”.