Meet and Greet District 3 Freeholder candidates in Jersey City

Press Release

By way of introduction, Facebook Political Insider (also known as “Insider”) is a non-partisan online community of local residents founded by Jersey City native Mr. Tyrone Hodge. Insider is composed of a diverse cross-section of voters united by the belief in government transparency and accountability. Our members are actively engaged in the political process in a variety of ways including volunteering, voting and grassroots advocacy. Our motto is “One City! One Voice!” We are honored to partner with the following associations in this endeavor: the South Greenville Neighborhood Association, the Oak Street Block Association and the Historic Paulus Hook Neighborhood Association.

We have organized this Meet & Greet because our members have expressed an interest in getting to know the District 3 Freeholder candidates. We hope you agree that this is a newsworthy event deserving of coverage. While we anticipate between 50-100 Jersey City residents will attend, we believe that filming this Meet & Greet is beneficial to the community at large because it will help familiarize residents with the candidates’ histories and platforms who are unable to attend.

Our Guest of Honor for the evening will be Councilman-At-Large Daniel Rivera. The question and answer session will be moderated by Dr. Jonathan Wharton and Mr. Gilbert Moore.

The details of the “Meet & Greet” are as follows:

Date: March 21, 2014
Time: 6:00pm – 7:30pm
Location: The Mary McLeod Bethune Life Center, 140 Martin Luther King Drive (Between Fulton Avenue and Dwight Street), Jersey City, NJ


  1. Good luck and praise to your groups for coming together to make this happen. We in WNY, Weehawken, and Gutenberg would like to see Caridad Rodriguez show the decency of debating the issues with the incumbent, Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz.