Memorial Day Horror: Parachute Fails, One Dead At Liberty State Park


(video above of parachute posted by a facebook user)

As stunned onlookers watched in horror, a Navy Seal parachutist was killed Sunday when his parachute failed and he fell miles from the sky into the water off Liberty State Park.

The parachutist, taking part in demonstrations as part of Fleet Week, was rushed to Jersey City Medical Center and pronounced dead Sunday afternoon.

The Navy Seal’s name has not been released pending family identification.


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The person who shared this should be ashamed of them self.that is someone’s father,son,brother,uncle.they do anything for money

Actually it might help in the investigation.

Well then it should go police and military only….not public

I totally agree with Tara Mestre they said his family don’t no yet so they should of never put this up and shame on the person who sold it for money

Story says he fell into water. Video shows he fell onto a parking lot floor.. either way.. RIP and prayers to his family. Video shouldn’t have been posted..

He did fall into the water after he cut his chute because it malfunctioned

The video shows he fell on the pavement.

Thats his chute not him

The story says the coast guard and fd rescues him from the water

So sad may he rest in peace

Horrible tragedy, RIP!!!! Should never have happened. Please read the article. It says the body fell on water, the video shows only the parachute.

If it’s a tragedy you should have never put this up shame on u n the person who sold it to u.proves all you n that person care about is making money off of this TRAGEDY!!!!!

1000% agreed Shannon Hodge this is so sad what 1 will do to make a buck…. guess none of them know what its like to lose a loved one or work in a hospital

How dare u share this video…what a disgrace….u should be ashamed….this is a dishonor to this navy seal and his family….but you wouldn’t know cause u didnt hear this trauma come in while u where working

I totally agree with u anything just to make money

Its just the damn Chute, is not him literally falling . Geez !

It doesnt matter his family hadnt even been notified

Tara even family members of those in wats find out faster than the dreaded knock on the door, sometimes.

There is nothing identifying in this video of the sailor

It was only the chute not the seal, he fell into the river. May he rest in peace.

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