Memorial High School Student arrested for leaving a Shooting Threat in one of the classrooms

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A 17-year old juvenile has been arrested at Memorial High School for writing a shooting threat in one of the classrooms.

According to Officials, yesterday jan 31 around 226pm the following threat was written in one of the classrooms: ” MHS Shooting 2-2 17″.

Investigation started immediately and enhanced security measures were placed today for the safety of the students and teachers.

Around 12.30pm today, Police security and West New York Police Department arrested a 17-year-old for writing the threat. During the investigation it was determined it was a false threat and the student considered it a joke.

Mayor Felix Roque sent the following statement: ” This is an example of excellent Police work by the West New York police department. All threats are taken seriously in WNY and we move in rapid fashion to address this threat and secure the safety of our teachers and students and quickly determined it was a false a threat and made an arrest in a timely manner. Examples like these made me proud to be the Mayor of such a great community”.