Lionel Messi’s Stay in Hoboken Draws Eager Fans Ahead of Red Bulls Match

Messi's Hoboken Appearance
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Messi’s Hoboken Appearance

The city of Hoboken is currently abuzz with excitement as soccer enthusiasts gather at the W Hotel, where international soccer superstar Lionel Messi is staying. The anticipation is palpable, with the Inter Miami vs. Red Bulls match scheduled for Saturday. However, there’s a cloud of uncertainty regarding Messi’s participation, as multiple reports suggest he might opt for rest. The final decision is expected after Friday night’s practice, as stated by the team managers.

Upon his arrival, Messi was met with enthusiastic crowds outside the W Hotel. Phillip Chen, one of the fans present, expressed his hopes of catching a glimpse of Messi, saying, “We’re all here today to hopefully catch a glimpse of Leo Messi. It would just be a good experience to see him in person. I’m hoping to actually get a signature… I’ll probably tattoo it.” Similarly, Mike Van Duyne voiced his wish to stand in the rain for a chance to get a selfie with Messi. Jake Laifer, a local resident, mentioned, “I live a few blocks away. I actually just rode my bike right over hoping to see Messi.”

While fans did spot the team bus departing from the hotel on Friday morning and later in the afternoon, there have been no confirmed Messi sightings since then.

An interesting ripple effect of Messi’s presence is evident in the ticket sales for the upcoming game. Prices have soared to a whopping $400, a significant increase from the usual $20, underscoring Messi’s immense impact on U.S. soccer ticket sales.

In conclusion, Lionel Messi’s stay in Hoboken has stirred excitement among fans and has had a notable influence on ticket prices. The city eagerly awaits the weekend match, with high hopes of witnessing the soccer maestro in action.


image of Soccer fans gather at Hoboken hotel where Lionel Messi is staying ahead of upcoming game
Soccer fans gather at Hoboken hotel where Lionel Messi is staying ahead of upcoming game