Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office is Microsoft’s development of a Windows-based operating system, office software suite. Common components are Word, Excel, Powerpoint and so on. The latest version of Office 365 (Office 16).

Microsoft Office 2010, Microsoft introduced a new generation of office software, code-named Office 14, is actually the first 12 release. There are six versions of the software, which are primary, Home and Student, Home and Business Edition, Standard Edition, Professional Edition and Professional Premium, also launched a free version of Office 2010, which includes only Word and Excel applications.

In addition to the full version, Microsoft will release an upgraded version of Office 2007 for Office 2010. Office 2010 supports 32-bit and 64-bit vista and Windows7, only supports 32-bit WindowsXP, does not support 64-bit XP. It has launched the latest version of Microsoft Office 2016.