(UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY) — On or about February 18, 2017, a Union City resident reported (her/his) cat missing. A few days later the cat returned and appeared to be badly abused. The cat was taken to an animal hospital where it later succumbed to its injuries.

“This is not the typical occurrence that happens in Union City and I am saddened and disappointed by the news of this incident,” Mayor Brian P. Stack said. “I take this matter very seriously so I am offering a reward for any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individuals involved in the abuse of this cat.”

Mayor Stack through his civic association, The Brian P. Stack Civic Association, is offering a reward of $2,500 for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individuals associated with this incident. “This is a very serious issue and the Union City Police Department could use the community’s assistance in apprehending the individuals who are responsible for such a heinous act,” said the Mayor.

Any persons with information related to this matter are asked to contact the Union City Police Department at (201) 865-1111.



    • It appeared according to the owner… who is not an expert in abuse. What did the abuse look like? You are the reason we have Trump as president. Learn to ask questions. The article never gave an address or a picture.

    • What does having to ask questions and having Trump as a president have to do with this the article simply said the mayor stacks is giving out a reward for information leading to the arrest of the person who abuse the cat now the cat was abused so obviously it was abused by humans not by other animals just cause they didn’t show a picture of the cat doesn’t mean that you’re right and the reason why didn’t give out the address was because probably whoever abuse the cat my cause harm to the owner of the cat it’s people like you that make it so hard for Trump to do his job

    • Miguel Belle the cat was tortured and shaved. Feral cats don’t do that. He was obviously tortured by a human. Please do your research before you make such bold comments about things you know nothing about.

    • If someone is sick enough to torture an animal, don’t second-guess them!! they’re sick enough to kill a human being, because the killing, abuse, and torture of an animal is the first sign of a twisted sick mind!! So yes these sick people need to be taken seriously!