Missing Gun in Kearny


Missing Gun in Kearny.

Georganna Britting, 18, of Newark /Bayville, NJ was charged with theft of movable property, possession of a weapon, and possession of a firearm without a permit in Kearny on Friday, August 22.

 At around 10:30 pm, Officer Angelo Palagano responded to a Devin Street address when a 30-year-old male Kearny resident reported that his 9-millimeter Glock handgun had been stolen. Shortly after, Detectives Scott Traynor and John Telle reported to scene for follow up.

Upon investigation, the officers discovered that the victim’s 16-year-old son had company over while he was at work. According to witnesses, Britting was the last one to have handled the gun.

 However Britting alleges that she had seen and handled the gun, but that she had put it back. The gun was legally owned, and kept in a safe as per the law, until its disappearance. The gun is still missing.