Missing North Bergen 3-year-old reunited with parents

A child went missing Monday night near 76th Street and Bergenline Avenue, according to North Bergen Police.

A local man noticed the three-year-old and didn’t see any parent or guardian accompanying the youngster. He grew very concerned and called the police for their assistance.

At 8pm, Capt. David Corbisiero says they responded with multiple units in the area.

“We went door to door (for about an hour and 15 minutes) and called other agencies seeing if they had any reports of a missing child. At that point we had no leads so we brought the child in,” he says.

They knew the location where the child was found so they contacted Felix Enriquez, a committee person who holds meetings up there.

They gave him a description of the child and asked if anybody might have the child or know the child.

“Matter of fact I do,” Enriquez says. “I know who that is.”

Corbisiero says Enriquez was the one who provided information to help the police identify and contact the parents. And that was all they needed.

“Once we contacted the parents, they were obviously distraught,” Corbisiero says.

“They came here to get the child, reunited them and (we) also called DCCP. They came and interviewed all parties and believe it was more of an accident rather than any criminal attempt on the child.”

According to Corbisiero, they are working parents and left the three-year-old with their 13-year-old son. 

The boy snuck away from his older brother without the brother realizing.

No charges have been filed in this case.

“In my position, we love it when it’s a happy ending ‘cause sometimes it’s not,” Corbisiero says.

“You really have to savor these days ‘cause they’re far and between that you get to reunite a kid and see how happy the family was together.”