If “None of the Above” could have been on the ballot, he might have won.
Preliminary figures indicate four out of five registered Hackensack voters stayed home on a pleasant spring Tuesday, allowing Hackensack’s mayor and deputy mayor to lead an incumbent-heavy council slate which won new four year terms in Tuesday’s municipal election.
Despite the win, no incumbent broke the 2,000 vote mark, and all incumbent candidates got less than a majority of the votes, as two opposition slates split the anti-incumbent vote.
John Labrosse and Kathy Canestrino, the mayor and deputy mayor, respectively, were the highest and third-highest vote getters in the election. David Sims, also running with the candidate slate called “Labrosse Team,” finished second among all 15 candidates running, with voters able to vote for as many as five or as few as one or none. Labrosse-affiliated candidates generally got between 1,600-1,828 votes.
There were two opposition slates and they split opposition support. The Hackensack United slate generally came within 400-600 votes of Labrosse Team candidates, and Hackensack Strong came in third with generally a few hundred fewer votes. Although official totals for ballots cast are not available yet, it seems that Labrosse Team candidates did not get 40% of all votes cast, and that total turnout may be under 20% fo what seemed like an intensely fought, three-way race.
Here is the list of candidates with their unofficial vote totals and slate membership
John Labrosse* 1,828 (Labrosse Team)
David Sims* 1,817  LB
Kathleen Canestrino* 1,738 LB
Stephanie Von Rudenborg  1,671 LB
Leonardo Battaglia* 1,659 LB
Jason Some 1,249 HUP  (Hackensack United for Progress)
Lara Rodriguez 1,197 HUP
Michael Williams 1,161 HUP
Carlos Merino 1,117 HUP
Rommy Buttafuoco 1,089 HUP
Deborah Keeling-Geddis* 1,026 HS (Hackensack Strong)
Rich Cerbo 816 HS
Angelica Carfi-Meneses 801 HS
David Dungey 769 HS
Rafael A. Del Rosario 743 HS

*Denotes incumbent.