SECAUCUS, NJ – On Saturday, August 6th, Mrs. India Earth finalist Paris Keswani, planted 100 flowers and 6 trees at the Fountain Park Community Garden. On a mission to plant 10,000 trees, Keswani picked our town to help her reach her goal.

Mrs. India Earth is not a typical beauty pageant as it focuses on intelligence, independence, and compassion. It seeks out Indian women who partake in new business ventures, take steps towards improving our planet, and represents India both at home and in the public eye. Their goal is to the save the Earth and to promote going green by tackling different environmental issues.

As a New York resident, Keswani decided to bring this project to a place close to home. With the “incredible support and willingness” of Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli and the environmental team, she plans to plant in several areas throughout the town. In the past, Keswani has planted 8,300 trees alongside volunteers with the same mindset. When asked about this venture, Keswani explained, “How big of a problem global warming is for our children and future generations…we need to tell people about it and it needs to change.”

In addition to preparing for the Mrs. India Earth finale on September 30th in Delhi, India, Keswani runs a global, upscale jewelry business. “Treasures of Prince” launched in 2006 and provides unique pieces to Los Angeles, New York, India, Alaska, and the Bahamas.

Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli is “excited to have Paris in town…you can tell how dedicated she is to improving our planet and I’m glad that she chose Secaucus to help reach her goal.”